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3 Second Movie Reviews

3 Second Movie Reviews: 5/28/13 – Summer Fun Here We Come

We’ve been away ever since our Oscars Edition of 3SMR, but we’re back now that the summer blockbusters have rejuvenated the movie loving spirit!

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May was a wildfire of much anticipated summer movie fun, but the next few weeks aren’t looking so great: Will Smith stars in the keep-it-on-the-downlow M-Night-Shyamalan-directed science fiction film After Earth, and there’s also a very iffy looking Now You See Me and a couple of seen it before comedies like The Internship and This is the End.

Other than that, though? A bit of a drought of big time movies to go through before Superman on June 14th. Why not check out our recommendations for what’s new on disc and in theaters now to quell your film deprived brain in the meantime.

In Theaters Now

Frances Ha, (May 2013)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

This film has a Woody Allen soul…

…wrapped in nostalgic 80’s youth honesty!

Noah Baumbach is back! After an okay turn with Margot at the Wedding I can safely assure you his latest effort is well written with an honest portrayal of its characters that seem real. Greta Gerwig does an exceptional job as a quirky and out of place modern girl living in New York. This black and white film is organized by the locations she lives in over the course of a year or so and its filled with light laughs, nostalgia and a great sense of fun.

The Story: B+

It’s all about character here, but anyone can relate to this 27 year olds plight of finding a career and a happy life.

Characters and Their Development: A

NPR has said if you hate HBO’s Girls you’ll love this and I think that’s partly due to the very realistic depiction in a non obnoxious way of 20 somethings in New York.

Overall Grade: A-

Star Trek Into Darkness, (May 2013)

Genre: Action

This scene will make you laugh when you weren’t supposed to due to bad editing and the fact that it was written at all.

Very much more of the same in our second go around with J.J. Abrams’ Trek, but with a better villain and more stuff for the costars to do. Not sure science fiction has ever looked this dazzling. Unforrtunately it’s one of those vapid action films that, when given a second viewing, you’ll note how fragile its paper thin plot is. Not sure why it’s called into darkness either…

The Story: C

Delivered at such a fast clip you’ll forget what story even means.

Characters and Their Development: B+

Abrams understands characters. He’s never done wrong in this area due to his exceptional casting and ability to hit the core of humanity in his characters.

Overall Grade: B

The Great Gatsby, (May 2013)

Genre: Drama

”From here on children will see my face when they are forced to read Gatsby,” DiCaprio whispered during rehearsals. And dammit, he might be right.

Interesting, exciting and a nice ride that becomes a bore at the end of the second act. It pulls you back in for the climax however. I never thought a Baz Luhrmann film could do such a thing! In the same sense though the film harbors a great sense of control and intensity not to be missed.

The Story: B+

Watch this without using the book to judge and you’ll enjoy the ride.

Characters and Their Development: B

Could have used some stronger writing for Daisy, but everyone else sings, especially arrogant, racist husband Tom Buchanan played exceptionally well by Joel Edgerton.

Overall Grade: B

Iron Man 3, (May 2013)

Genre: Action

I don’t remember the Iron Man suit getting as ripped to shreads in the comics as it does in these films. Somebody needs adamantium metal yo! Oh right…Fox owns that…sigh…call it madamantium then. Nobody will tell the difference. Except for those 40 million super nerds.

Ambitious, fun, exciting, and my favorite Iron Man yet. Dare I say the action scenes aren’t big or long enough, but they’re all good thrills and fun to watch. My only real complaint might be that it seems disconnected from the rest the Marvel universe as it is its own thing.

The Story: A

Smart when it comes to summer films and surprising enough for all sorts.

Characters and Their Development: B+

Tony Stark’s psychosis is hard to buy, but the rest is good enough.

Overall Grade: A-

Soon to be Released on Disc

Spring Breakers, (On disc July 9, 2013)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

See, it’s not exploitation because it’s art. Or is it art because it’s exploitation? You’ll ask yourself this question many times.

Hedonism, nihilism, hilarity…these are three words you don’t normally use together. But that’s this film in a nutshell. It’s a schizo sort of film that doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be about, but that’s okay, because part of the joy is being surprised by its unpredictableness. It begs you to explain, or to decipher its meaning, but that’s not really its point. Its weirdness, its laugh out loud moments and above all its message, however deeply weaved or nonexistent, are what make it so great.

The Story: C+

As with anything by director Harmony Korine it’s not so much about story as it is plot.

Characters and Their Development: B+

James Franco’s best character yet!

Overall Grade: B

It’s A Disaster, (On Disc June 4, 2013)

Genre: Comedy

Finally David Cross is in something funny! Oh wait, that show everyone talks about just came back on! Damn, bad timing! Or is it all, part, of the plan?!

A Sunday brunch with all the gossip and uncomfortable conversation…but now with 100% more doomsday! It may not be laugh out loud hilarious, but if you like a little conversation with your comedy you’ll dig this. It’s clever and interesting. Reminds me of The Last Supper only a lot less serious.

The Story: B+

Clever film that could have worked possibly better as a play.

Characters and Their Development: A-

This film lives and dies by the characters and their growth.

Overall Grade: B+

Recently Released on Disc

Parker, (Original Released January 2013)

Genre: Action

This image is a free pass to skip this film. Nothing else much to see anyway.

Well that was a let down. Laughable plot and Lopez was mostly annoying. Statham is a real star though. Guy command the screen.

The Story: D-

It’s pretty obvious the budget killed any hopes of this being good.

Characters and Their Development: D+

You get to see Jlo in a tight bikini. Bonus? Jason Statham needs to start reading these scripts before he agrees.

Overall Grade: D

Cloud Atlas, (Original Released October 2012)

Genre: Science Fiction, Drama

Get out of this movie you weird hobbit looking creature, out!

The power of this film comes from its score. A recognizable theme pays dividends. If you don’t feel the score you won’t like this movie as much. It’s a wonderful film made strong by its incredible actors. There may be some hiccups, but this is a beautiful movie.

The Story: B+

Ambitious to the point where, even when things don’t work you still have to envy it.

Characters and Their Development: A

Tom Hanks nails every part. Guy needs his own one man show! Oh, and everyone else rocks too! Considering how many actors in this very complicated world I’d say you can’t do much better than this.

Overall Grade: A-

Jack Reacher, (Original Released December 2012)

Science Fiction, Drama

Directors needed a darker Tom Cruise for this role and used the “wet cat” method to achieve this special effect.

It’s not good, but there’s some good sequences and clever moments.

The Story: C

There’s a tonel issue between the writing and directing the story can’t ever shake. It’s like the story belongs to a different set of characters.

Characters and Their Development: C

Cruise does an okay job, but I never bought his “edgy” ex soldier. The rest of the cast was mediocre and Werner Herzog is so underused I’m pretty sure they used a bean bag chair for some of his shots.

Overall Grade: C

The Impossible, (Original Released December 2012)

Genre: Drama

One of the most disturbing scenes involves Watts flashing her breast at her son by accident. <- Not a joke, but it should be!

I literally thought “this isn’t possible” a few times. It’s strongest when showing people taking care of strangers and how important ones family can be.

The Story: A-

It’ll resonate for years to come simply because it will remind us all how real life can be so tremendous in more ways than one.

Characters and Their Development: B+

Naomi Watts outshines Ewan McGregor partly because she has more of an arc than he does.

Overall Grade: B+

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