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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #11 Review

Even if the true Peter Parker is dead and gone that doesn’t mean the Doc Ock controlled version can’t harken back to him.

You see, it appears by doing it his way with Spider-Bots and focusing on only a few things rather than everything is going to get SpOck in some trouble. There’s a reason Peter prioritized and while his social life suffered he at least didn’t create bigger problems than he already had. Mostly. This issue introduces one of the first SpOck created problems made bigger due to his arrogant bungling, but is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #11 (Marvel Comics)

Check out our review of issue #10 if you haven’t already.

We learned last issue Green Goblin is back and hiring all the thugs that used to work for villains Spider-Man has put away. Essentially he’s taken out people like Tombstone only to create a larger more singular enemy to face. This issue revolves around the execution of the Spider Slayer and J.J. asking for Spider-Man to be there in case something goes wrong. Because it always does.

That would kind of suck.

Tensions appear to be rising throughout Peter’s social life that we’ve seen snippets of from the beginning. His interactions with authority aren’t good and may make his life a hell of a lot harder. Who knows how soon though, since this is a pretty decompressed story being told. I can’t help but think he’s smarter than this when giving his boss at Horizon lip. I mean, without him you don’t have access to free tech and resources!


By holding the execution of the Spider Slayer at the Raft high security prison, writer Dan Slott has allowed a moment for SpOck to remember his stay there as Doc Ock. It’s a nice way for Slott to show sometimes villains get treated as subhuman and gives us a bit of humanity to SpOck that’s much needed. You can’t have him be a jerk on every page!

Growing up in the nineties, I always loved when characters would get new costumes just for the hell of it, so the ending to this issue is pretty awesome. Spider Slayer themed villains we know and love? Sign me up! Giuseppe Camuncoli does a good job throughout, although I do take some issue with the composition here and there. There’s just so much going on at times and it could look a bit cleaner, but overall good stuff.



  • Those have been reading all along are being rewarded with some previous stories coming back
  • Lots of stuff happens but it’s still slow

Once again another eight score, mostly because it’s a lot of fun, but it’s decompressed enogh to be a little annoying. Since issue one I’ve enjoyed every issue and once again I’ll say…anyone reading the collected version is in for a treat.

Is It Good?

Yeah. This is the epitome of consistently good comics.


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