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Is It Good? Thanos Rising #3 Review

Aww, lil’ Thanos is growing up so fast.

Sure, he started off a tad dorkier than we imagined… but then, so did some of history’s most reprehensible sons of bitches, so who are we to judge?

Besides, Thanos has started getting into some really freaky s--t. Like dissecting his classmates. And at the end of last issue he tied his mother up and cut her apart to “figure out the key to why he was a monster.” Oh. Uh… seems a bit counterproductive. And that escalated quickly. Why don’t we crack open this month’s issue and see what’s doing:

Thanos Rising #3 (Marvel Comics)


We glimpse the Mad Titan in the making’s life after he dips out of… Titan. Looks like he’s decided to settle down with a nice green-skinned sweetheart. Start a family. Everything seems so serene and idyllic don’t it?

Nice underoos, Thanos. You’re a regular purple-skinned Fabio, aren’t you?

… Aaaaaand Thanos just walked out on his wife and kid. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

The meat of this issue deals with Thanos’ exploits as a not-so swashbuckling space pirate and his attempts to leave a life of malignancy and brutal murder behind him. Sure, he’ll navigate the ship and operate the machinery and what not — but when it comes to the wetwork, Thanos wants no part. He’s trying to atone for his past missteps, you see.

The ship’s mustachioed captain of course, takes issue with this:


On more than one occasion:


Actions that will surely yield bitter consequences. But as Aaron puts it in the narrative:

Thanos quickly lost count of how many women there were. How many children he’d left behind. How many people he’d seen slaughtered. All he knew… is that it was never enough. Never enough to make him care.

No, there has only been one thing that has truly galvanized Thanos in his life thus far. He returns home to Titan to find it. Or should that be… well, maybe you should just find out for yourself.


  • Simone Bianchi’s dark, eerie art once again fits the mood.
  • Feeling a bit more like a befitting Thanos origin comic.
  • Only one issue left in the series — hopefully not too much is crammed into the final one.

Is It Good?

It’s getting better. The Thanos origin series is starting to feel more like a Thanos comic should; the character seems more cerebral as opposed to just a run-of the mill serial killer. However, there feels like tons of ground still left to cover and we’ve only but one issue left in the series. Let’s hope Aaron can wrap it up with aplomb. And if you thought last issue’s ending was distasteful, this one will have you fidgeting uncomfortably in your comic-reading chair, questioning your good judgement and mental state.

… Just like a decent Thanos origin story should make us feel, right?


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