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Is It Good? Avengers #13 Review

Infinity is getting closer and closer by the week as Jonathan Hickman builds towards it with his Avengers books. However, when it comes to Avengers, it continues to move slowly towards this event and this trend continues onward as of this issue. However, is it good?

Avengers #13 (Marvel Comics)

In this issue, the Avengers look for the missing kids that they did not try to stop from being kidnapped last time. They run into a Watcher who leads them to where they are, they fight some monsters and a machine that’s using the kids as AA batteries, and things just go from there. Not much else though.

This guy ripped your arm off. Like he said, I don’t believe he cares about anything you say.

I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot when I review Avengers, but it really cannot be helped. Every issue so far has the exact same damn problem over and over. It’s slow as hell and does not accomplish much, this one being probably one of the biggest offenders of not accomplishing anything, with the exception of Avengers #10 where the characters themselves explicitly say that themselves after a mission. Hell, this issue would have worked much better if you combined it with the last and cut out some of the filler from both of them, like Hawkeye and Spider-woman (who contributed nothing) moments.

The writing otherwise continues to be the same thing for better or for worse. Hyperion continues to get some development and look good, while the rest (besides Thor) do not do anything of importance. Everything moves at decent pace, but not much is accomplished plot wise. The dialogue feels exactly the same (boring, pretentious, and forgettable at times), despite the addition of a second writer. Then there’s also some weird moments in the story; like that Watcher who just pops in for a moment and the story’s random and abrupt cut to where on one page a robot is destroyed and then on the next the scene is hours later with Hyperion and Thor.

Also, why the hell does she say she’s hungry? She never follows up on that. Does she want him to give her a sandwich?

The artwork is fine, but like the last issue, that’s pretty much it. Everything is done competently, but nothing about it really stands out except for when a Terminus appears and crushes Iron Man’s robot. Not much else to say honestly.


  • The artwork is nice.
  • All of the writing is competent.
  • This issue and the last could have easily been combined into one.
  • Some oddball moments in the writing.
  • Not enough content to justify the price.
  • The storytelling is too decompressed.

Is It Good?

No. There’s just not really much here to chew on in terms of story, action, or even character outside of some tiny morsels. Certainly nothing here to justify paying four dollars for it either. That’s honestly rather sad coming from the main Avengers title.





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