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Is It Good? Savage Wolverine #6 Review

Let’s face it, teamup comics are usually an excuse to throw together a few characters and knock some skulls, nothing more. Story doesn’t really matter; character tinges are important, but hell, when you got an artist like Joe Madureira drawing your book, why worry about any of that? Well, it’s our job, and we’re taking it upon ourselves to answer the question, is it good?

Savage Wolverine #6 (Marvel Comics)

For any of you continuity sticklers out there this issue takes place, according to a small blurb on the first page, way back in October. That means this isn’t SpOck and Wolverine is…well, his story is so convoluted he could probably appear with five arms and nobody would notice. Aside from SpOck this is a romp between Wolverine and Elektra as they join forces to take out ninjas. On the plus side this has nothing to do with the last five issues, so don’t expect Shanna the She Devil or aliens. So…what’s not to love?

Joe Mad can draw my dreams.

About one years ago I reviewed Zeb Well’s Carnage U.S.A. and from what I can tell the man has some good ideas in that old noggin of his.

This issue doesn’t deliver in that regard until the final page, but boy am I excited for the next issue. This issue’s strength is as a character piece, with some interesting moments with Spider-Man. Wolverine and Elektra, however, get the usual growling personality on display and nothing more. That said, we do get to see Kingpin go berserk, which is always fun. In a way this issue is a bit of a throwback to the nineties, with Kingpin flexing muscles and Wolverine donning the brown costume.

Kingpin eats ninjas for breakfast.

So, aside from the Spider-Man bits and the big twist ending, there isn’t much here for anyone expecting a good read. Unless of course, you really really love Joe Mad’s art. Which of course I do, and he dazzles in this issue. Every single panel is jaw-dropping to say the least. The man knows what he’s doing and it’s incredibly obvious from the word go.

Spider-Man steals the show.

His pencils add a lot to the Spider-Man bits, particularly how he makes him look so skinny and awkward looking. It’s always cool to see him in this form that lends to the spider-ness of the character and his very non superheroic body language.

Lady Bullseye…or lady Vavavoom Bullseye!?


  • Drool-inducing art…in a good way!
  • Good setup of story
  • Cool twist ending
  • Not much here storywise

This was a good first issue to setup a potentially awesome story arc. It certainly helps when Joe Mad is this good panel to panel. Of course, if art isn’t the only thing you need, you’ll be a bit disappointed with this. The acting Mad does with the characters is great, and certainly adds to the story, but generally speaking not a lot is said in this issue that couldn’t be said in two pages. That means it’s very skippable if you’re looking for story, but if you revel in awesome art don’t hesitate to purchase this beauty.

Is It Good?

Yes. Decent introductory issue that is saved by incredible art.


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