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Is It Good? Amala’s Blade #3 Review

How could my review possibly compete with the robot snake with a dog head? After seeing that do I even need to articulate this comic is good, or are you still not convinced!? Fine, I’ll humor you. Is it good?

Amala’s Blade #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Check out our review of Amala’s Blade #2 if you missed it.

Crazy stuff has happened, so I’ll get right to it. Amala is an assassin who has been given a hit and we find out just who this woman is to her. Surprise surprise, it might blow you away and reveal a side of Amala we weren’t aware of. We also got a bit more light on the ghosts that follow her around—news flash, it’s dudes she’s killed—but for some odd reason they want to help her. This issue we find out why and of course you know what that means. Namely…Amala’s purpose is far more important than anyone, including herself, ever knew. You see the world is split up between folks who augment their bodies with cyborg type dealios and those who use steam machines. She is destined to have a hand in fixing this split.

I don’t know much about lasers but…ouch.

With all the decompression going on in comics today you’d think writer Steve Horton didn’t get the memo. This comic moves at a fast clip and doesn’t bother having every character endlessly reflect on their feelings. Essentially this is how comics were 15 years ago with lots of action, plot developments at every turn and all and all a great bang for your buck. It’s unfortunate so many comics feel the need to tell a six issue story in what Amala’s Blade tells in one, but at least we can be thankful somebody knows how to deliver fun.

Monsters always drool. Why is that?

Because the story is being delivered at a faster rate than what the big two have been doing for the last year or so, two things happen. The first is a constant need to want to know more about the characters, but not in a frustrating way. The other is a desire to linger on a page longer than customary these days. The story reads so fresh, partly due to the choice by the writer, but also because the art is composed in a not so by the numbers kind of way.

Michael Dialynas’ art matches the swords, steampunk and cyborg genre. Oh wait, that’s not a genre? Well it damn well should be! His style is unique enough to dazzle with even the simplest of images, but still maintains an aged look that helps make the world look weathered and worn in.

Maybe try a squeak toy?


  • Striking art and unique style
  • Interesting world you’ll never want to leave
  • It could potentially be moving too fast for some folks
  • This issue’s enjoyment is highly contingent on reading the previous issue at least

I don’t know what Dark Horse is planning, but I really hope they pick this series up and make it ongoing. The adventure is exciting and as far as comics go there isn’t anything else like it on the shelves. In a lot of ways I get a role playing game vibe from this series. As if Horton played it with his friends for years and then met up with Dialynas one day and realized together they could make one bangin’ comic. Here’s hoping they get to continue to bang on.

Is It Good?

Yes. It should probably be read by everyone at least once. Give it a try!


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