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Is It Good? Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #1 Review

It must suck to be a zoologist when the golden age of zoology is behind you. Darwin published his thoughts in “The Origin of Species” and most of the larger animals were found in Southeast Asia and the famed Easter Island. Imagine thinking the world’s jungles would have been picked clean of large, showy species, and Godzilla shows up and shatters your perception (amongst other things). It’s an exciting aspect to take with the property that allows for an interesting human angle but still gets to slap monster fights in between, but is it good?

Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #1 (IDW)

Let’s face it, for the most part Godzilla has been treated as a fun spectacle, dealing with giant monsters fighting each other and not much more. There have been instances where the property is taken more seriously, but the popular opinion is it’s a series for little kids and B-movie fans. The military is there to shoot it but culturally we have no idea how the world perceives the creatures that fight over their cities. Until now! Chris Mowry introduces a Megazoology conference in this issue which makes a lot of sense. Instead of the monsters being ignorantly feared, it makes a group of folks fascinated by and interested in learning about these creatures. It gives this issue an interesting angle that helps draw the reader into the world.

Check out the shark running for its life in the top left corner.

The comic opens with a sighting of a new mega creature heading towards Honolulu, which just so happens to be where the Megazoology conference is taking place. At the same time the protagonist Lucy Caspreill, a big monster enthusiast, arrives just in time for the conference. Anyone unfamiliar with the character and the plethora of monsters can breathe easy, as all is explained. The military has a cyborg-zilla, all the major monsters are outlined by a conference speaker and our protagonist is easy to sympathize with. Essentially this is an excellent first issue by any standards. It’s also exciting to think maybe this Megazoology angle might bring us new answers to the monster appearances.

“…big ball of snot.” That’s pretty funny.

I can’t stress enough how easy it is to get into this comic and enjoy it. There isn’t an exposition-heavy moment, and the action is balanced enough to warrant a pacing award. The issue even ends with a “new” monster called Zilla that should be fun for people familiar with the 1998 film. I say new with quotes, because I think it’s actually the dinosaur design used for Godzilla in the Matthew Broderick bomb. Talk about a sick idea! To have the original Godzilla fight the newer version is genius!

Dude, stop photographing your bowel movements!

Matt Frank also does an exceptional job with the art. His style is slightly cartoony, but the monsters and facial expressions are great. The good pacing is also due to the art of course and nothing in this book feels decompressed.

Also known as the one eyed willy.


  • Great art suited to the story
  • Megazoology concept is intriguing
  • It’s possible I’m giving the Megazoology piece too much credit, but we shall see in the coming months

I was pleasantly surprised how good this comic turned out and that’s no slight on the property or the creators. It’s a very hard thing to strike a balance between good story, action and have it paced so well. It has everything a plethora of readers would want. You get the monster battles, but also an introduction of concepts and characters you’ll want to stick around reading about for months to come.

Is It Good?

Yes. So often a Godzilla comic rests on the monster battles, but this one has it all.


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