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Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #4 Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a Jedi, a bounty hunter robot, Mon Calamari and a descendant of Han Solo are tractor beamed onto a spaceship against their will. Oh, you haven’t heard this one? I guess you’re in need of Star Wars: Legacy #4 which hits stands this week. Before you do though, I’ll let you know, is it good?

Star Wars: Legacy #4 (Dark Horse Comics)

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Welp, our heroes listed above have been captured and it doesn’t look so good. You see, a Sith parading around like a full-on good guy Jedi wants them dead so that he isn’t uncovered. Remember that this is far into the future of Star Wars where the Sith are few and far between so a lot is riding on him remaining incognito. Since the last three issues have focused on the Mon Calamari sidekick of Ania Solo we haven’t had much in the way of lightsaber battles. Prepare yourselves, it’s happening!

Uh, dude, your phone is vibrating.

Now that the band is together this series feels like it has finally hit its stride. A lot of comic book page real estate was used in the last few issues to bring them together, but now that that’s over with we can get to the action packed part. This issue not only has a pretty sweet lightsaber battle, but nanobots, Jedi choking and some quick-on-your-feet thinking.

That’s not a star ship! That’s an AK-47!

Writers Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman have themselves a well paced story on their hands and while it’s not so grand that it could fit into a movie, this would be one amazing two or three part series of episodes if they ever get around to making that live action TV show. The main reason it works so well is that the voices of the characters ring true. Ania isn’t impossibly smart or courageous, she’s just trying to do her best considering the situation she’s in. Her sidekick Sauk is the perfect balance of fearful but resourceful. The bounty hunter IG-88 robot is fascinating, mostly because he seems to have a soul and a morality. And, impossibly, a very by-the-numbers Jedi joins them to balance out their grit. All of these things add to one interesting bunch of characters.

Watch your heads on the nanobots!

Gabriel Hardman also does the art and, while I could see any number of styles working on a series like this, it’s his gritty and dark artwork that makes this series feel so real. This isn’t Apple store glitz, but a very Millenium Falcon style space adventure. It adds a bit of tension to the panels that’ll make you unsure if anyone is ever safe.

I know size shouldn’t matter but…


  • Gritty, dirty art works really well
  • Ania’s sidekick shines
  • Dare I say there’s too much action?
  • We all know how that cliffhanger is ending

So why does it get an 8.0 and not something higher after all that praise? Well, the series as a whole is incredible and deserves all the praise in the world, but unfortunately this issue is a bit too much by the numbers. You’ll enjoy every second of it, but it’s pretty easy to see how it’ll play out.

Is It Good?

Yes. Fun and exciting with great Star Wars action.


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