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Is It Good? Justice League #22 Review

It has been all building to this since the reboot had begun. Trinity War has arrived at our feet, ladies and gentlemen. After all this wait and hype, we got the first issue in our hands. The main thing is though, is it good?

Justice League #22 (DC Comics)

During a reading, Madame Xanadu starts to see the future as she flips over her tarot cards. What the future shows is absolute destruction and the JL and JLA are at the center of it. However, it all kicks off when Billy decides to head to Kahndaq to lay to rest the ashes of Black Atom. The country isn’t exactly open to heroes at the moment after events in previous Justice League comics and his presence there could start off an international incident. The Justice League hears about him heading there and goes to stop him, while the JLA gets word of them heading there and… well shenanigans ensue.

I send them to their rooms without supper. It always deals with them perfectly.

The best way to describe this issue is that it is pure rising action. As in, the story is building and building to a point where the tension is getting tighter and the audience is on the edge of their seat. They are waiting for s--t to go down and when it finally does towards the end, it is perfect. It works very well. Then while all of this is building, there are subplots and little mysteries being built that also draws the audience in, like with Pandora and the Question. For all the hype being tossed on this comic, the first issue of Trinity War feels like it has lived up to it and should keep the audience interested in finding out what happens next.

The other things within the comic are also pretty good and enjoyable as well. Characterization and emotion on display are very good and allow the readers to care more about everyone. The action is just great and exciting to look at (thank you Ivan Reis). All of the plotlines and ideas that have been built up so far through all the Justice League books and in others seem to come together nicely right now. Also, there is a very nice thing people might not notice. Lots of people were concerned about being charged four bucks for 32 pages, since normally a good chunk of those pages were filled with ads. Not to fear people who get the physical copies, there are barely any ads in it (I counted three in my mind), so you are getting more comic. Though one weird thing is that the characters from Justice League Dark didn’t really appear besides Madame Xanadu.


  • The intense rising action and buildup is really exciting.n
  • The characterization and emotion is very good.
  • The artwork is some of the best in superhero comics right now.
  • Heroes fighting heroes? Been there, done that.
  • Questionable Wonder Woman characterization.

However, one of the very best things about the comic is the artwork and dear god it’s gorgeous! Ivan Reis’ art is just beautiful, with his characters and landscapes. The amount of detail put into it (especially with some of the splash pages) is great, particularly with how different everyone looks from each other. Again, the action is great and adds to the epic feel of the story.

Is It Good?

Oh hell yes. This was an absolutely great way to start off Trinity War with how everything came together. The action, the characters, buildup and pacing, the mysteries, and the cliffhanger were great. Besides maybe a nitpick or two, this is one event comic that people should be checking out.


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