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Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #5 Review

The first story arc of Star Wars: Legacy by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman ends this week. It’s 138 years after A New Hope starring Han Solo’s kin…is it good?

Star Wars: Legacy #5 (Dark Horse Comics)

If you missed our review of Star Wars Legacy #4 read it here.

Ania Solo is no hero, but rather a junkyard dame with a coward of a friend who’s a Mon Calamari and a bounty hunter robot who’s recently shown he’s a helpful ally too. Last month her Jedi savior got shot out into space by one of the only known Siths in existence. Everyone is down for the count except for Solo…whatever will she do?

Nice original Sith look.

Save the day, that’s what! Writer Corinna Bechko does something ingenious in this issue, she has Ania’s robot friend reveal he knew Han and that he always did the right thing when it counts. This bit of insight helps ground the story in the universe we all know and love and should make fans positively giddy. The fact is, this may be a development to look out for in future issues and should keep the diehards keenly interested. It also helped focus the heroic light on Ania who, up until this issue, was the hesitant hero that did things more to stay out of trouble than to do the right thing.

Laser battle!

This issue reads like the big climax we’ve all grown to expect from Star Wars complete with entire planets being threatened and lightsaber fight sequences. There’s so much going on in this issue, much of it almost out of nowhere, anyone reading should be in for a surprise. I for one expected something far different to occur, and was happily surprised by the course of the story.

Artist Gabriel Hardman continues to draw in a gritty and brooding tone. The book has an almost crime novel feel to it. Certainly there isn’t much of a detective story at work here, but the grit and grime Hardman adds to every panel tends to make the story feel dirty and almost malicious. The universe this takes place in isn’t the shiny city of Alderaan but one that is cold and scary.

Epic light saber battles are epic!


  • Satisfying conclusion
  • Compelling connection to Han Solo
  • Another issue would have been helpful to let this conclusion get more time

I don’t think there’ll be a person unhappy with how this story arc ended. It contains everything you’d want in an epic Star Wars story. Really my only complaint is another issue would have allowed the Sith and Jedi battle a bit more room. For those of you wanting bang for your buck that’s a good thing.

Is It Good?

Yes, satisfying conclusion to a rather intriguing story I’ll be reading next month for sure.


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