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Is It Good? Justice League Dark #22 Review

Jeff Lemire gets to fly solo as the third part of Trinity War continues on into the newest issue of Justice League Dark. Will the book continue to grow? Is it good?

Justice League Dark #22 (DC Comics)

Justice League Dark #22 Cover

Wonder Woman approaches Justice League Dark for help on finding Pandora, since she believes that Pandora is the cause of Superman’s current predicament. However, Phantom Stranger shows up to warn the other Justice Leaguers that this can only lead to trouble and the Question also approaches Superman himself with a possible answer to his problem. Tensions continue to grow as the heroes start picking sides.

Justice League Dark 22 02
Also, Superman may be turning into a zombie. I’m not quite sure about that.

This issue is a bit questionable in its choices. While I see how and why these characters would pick sides over how to do things, everyone feels so frickin’ hostile towards one another and ready to beat each other up. I also don’t get why Batman and some of the others so readily believe the Phantom Stranger either, since I don’t believe any of them meet the guy until now or know much about him. Throw in some off-characterization and decisions the characters make, and you’ll be scratching your head a bit throughout this comic.

Justice League Dark 22 01
Yeah Steve! Wonder Woman is Wonder Woman… also she’ll probably kick her ass if she didn’t go with her.

On the flipside though, this story continues to be enjoyable regardless of these plot moves. All of the scenes that feature the Question and Superman are good, especially when the heroes fight back against Amanda Waller and her orders. All of the mysteries continue to build slowly, but intriguing enough that you don’t get bored; the cliffhanger at the end is great (better than Part 2’s); and despite all of the hostility between the heroes, none of them fight each other happily and decide to do things their way to find the truth.

The art is by Mike Janin this time around and it looks great, a big step up with from what we got last time. All of the characters look good and their emotions are strong and visible. The minor bit of action we do get is nice to look at and that two page spread with heroes confronting one another looked good. Unlike the other issues, Janin isn’t nearly given enough exciting things to draw, so nothing really popped out like the others. Still good stuff.

Justice League Dark 22 03
Interesting angle choice though…


  • All the scenes with the heroes and the Question back at ARGUS HQ.
  • Very nice looking artwork.
  • Ends on a great cliffhanger.
  • Questionable plot progression and characterization.
  • Feels like the story is slowing down.

Is It Good?

Yeah, but as exciting as the previous two parts. It makes some odd and weird choices in how to move the story forward and doesn’t feel nearly as exciting as it could be. Still, what worked in the comic worked very well and it still leaves you wanting to see what the next part of the mystery is. Still recommended.




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