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Is It Good? Captain Midnight #1 Review

Unlike most of the comics I review and read, I’m flying into this one completely blind. I only heard about it a couple of months ago and not another thing until now, so I’m not quite sure what to expect from this title. However, I do expect it to be able to answer this simple question: Is it good?

Captain Midnight #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Back in the past during World War II, Captain Midnight disappeared into a time wormhole thing and ended up reappearing in modern times. This catches the attention of several different people: the US government (who is suspicious of his reappearance), Joyce Ryan (an old female war buddy), and Fury Shark (a possibly immortal female Nazi, enemy of the captain, and elite business woman). Joyce sends her granddaughter, Charlotte Ryan, to check out an old headquarters that Midnight might go back to hide. However, Charlotte isn’t alone in checking out the old base.

This issue, despite being a #1, is best read with #0, which I unfortunately did not read ahead of time. While you technically don’t need to read that issue thanks to a helpful paragraph that sums up everything that happened last time, and the story is written well enough to catch you up on everything you need to know with all the mentions and throwbacks to the last issue, it is just best to read it to fully grasp everything.

Besides that bit, this is rather average issue. Everything reads perfectly fine and you get a general idea what is going on, but there is a lacking of strong motivations and depth to some of these characters, like the government agents or the villain. You don’t really latch onto anyone or care about them. There is also some rather silly and clichéd dialogue in the opening scene that made me laugh unintentionally and there are couple of story beats in the comic that feel like they came from the 90’s Captain America movie.


  • The writing is perfectly fine.
  • The art is easy on the eyes.
  • Some silly dialogue and poor characterization.
  • Not really exciting or memorable.

The art is nice to look at though, with well drawn characters and great colors. The only downside to this art is that it is really not given anything amazing to show. Nothing really pops out or is very eye-catching, except maybe the the Red Skull looking guys that are green and glowing. Also, there some rather nitpicky art flubs, but that’s it.

Is It Good?

It sort of is, but it could be better. With some improvements towards the dialogue, characters, and motivations, this comic has the potential to grow beyond what was seen here. Maybe give this a shot if you can also get the #0 issue as well.


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