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Is It Good? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #9 Review

It’s time for more ponies, because who wants to read comics about guys dressed up as bats or people with mutant powers anyways? No, this is where the real action and excitement is this week! Is it good?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #9 (IDW Publishing)

The quest is simple for Big Mac: Get some nails so he can simply fix the gazebo at his farm. However, things are far more complicated than he’ll ever expect. The Summer Wrap Up Festival is upon Ponyville and getting to his destination, the hardware store, will prove far more difficult has he runs into problem after problem.

A constant problem is his sister and her friends’ newfound interest in pyrotechnics.

Katie Cook, who wrote the first arc, is back to writing and it certainly shows with her style of writing. The comic is just plain funny from start to finish with its constant barrage of jokes, references, Internet pony memes, and physical humor. It doesn’t have the certain edge that the first arc had if people wanted more of that, but it is really not needed at all here. This is just a very simple, straightforward story with great humor that’ll definitely make the fans laugh or smile.

Returning this issue is also Andy Price, the same artist from the first arc as well. He brings the same level of quality as the first arc with how he draws the characters, giving them all great expressions and movement so they don’t feel or look flat. There is also some great sight gags that’ll have your eyes darting all over the pages to catch every one of them. My personal favorite piece was when one of the characters has an inner fantasy.


  • Great sense of humor
  • Big Mac fans are definitely going to like this one.
  • The artwork really makes the humor pop.
  • A rather simple story after two big epics.
  • Will only really appeal to the fans.

Is It Good?

Most definitely. Fans of the series are going to love this one which the large amount of humor and also getting a chance to see what is going on inside of Big Mac’s head. While certainly not as large scale as the previous arcs, this is certainly one not to miss regardless.




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