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Is It Good? The Wake #3 Review

After a fantastic opening issue and a rather slow, but informative second issue, where can The Wake go from here? Well it appears things are about to go up a notch this time around. Is it good?

The Wake #3 (Vertigo)

The Wake #3 Cover

To sum up this issue in a simple phrase: S**t goes down. The monster/mermaid/aquatic ape thingy is loose and the base is starting to flood itself. That’s pretty much it and it is nuts and crazy.

The Wake 3 01
Craziness. Lots of it. Get used to it.

This is very simple issue in terms of what is happening and it is also a much breezier read than the previous issues. I got through this issue in about five minutes. However, it is one hell of a thrill ride for that brief duration: Attack scenes, panicking, everyone trying to figure out what to do or what the next course of action is, and “oh crap” ending all make this a really great time for horror fans.

However, there are some problems with the story. That monologue about the whales was really unnecessary or at the very least could have been not so dense. It really brings the story to a screeching halt in an otherwise fast paced issue and the monologue’s ultimate revelation could have been summed up in a sentence. Plus, you can kind of figure out where it is going from the very beginning if you are fan of killer creature films.

The Wake 3 02
It’s like hitting a brick wall made of text boxes in the final pages.

The art is good as always. The characters and their emotions are drawn well, the monster and its attacks are drawn with befitting brutality, the colors are great (especially the use of red for the final page), the locations look good, etc etc. Basically, the artwork hasn’t dropped a notch at all.

The Wake 3 03
And now a flashback to Jurassic Park. Try humming the incredible theme song while you read.


  • All of the horror and action are done very well.
  • The artwork is still great looking.
  • The monologue scene.
  • Not much in the way of characterization.

Is It Good?

After slowing down a bit last issue, this one is lighting fast and tense as hell. Besides the whole monologue thing, this issue was great and should pull you right back if you were feeling unsure about the last issue. Highly recommended.




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