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Is It Good? Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2 Review

The first issue of Pandora was good, but nothing too special outside of the fact that it felt like one of those zero issues DC did last year. However, the second issue should be able to change things around now by giving us a direction for the title. Plus, it appears to be the next part of the Trinity War storyline, so that should also be interesting as well. Is it good?

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Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2 (DC Comics)

So trying to get Superman to open Pandora’s Box didn’t work because he wasn’t the purest of hearts out there. What’s Pandora’s next move then? Why, to find the darkest of hearts and who better than Vandal Savage, an immortal that has been walking the Earth almost as long as her. Speaking of which, he and his two cronies (Signalman and Giganta) are also looking for her, hoping to capture her for the Secret Society.

Sorry man, I think he is taking a bathroom break right now.

Unlike Constantine #5, this felt like a tie-in to Trinity War. We see the Secret Society hunting for her and we see her still trying to open the box, just like in the first issue of the event. How much this will impact the rest of the event is unknown at this time, but this definitely did feel like a tie-in. It also feels like it has a direction now for the moment and where it wants to head, with Pandora trying to find a way to capture and reseal the deadly sins back into their box.

Besides that though, it’s merely an alright issue with decent writing all around. The issue is mostly just a long fight scene though after Pandora meets with Savage and his crew. The action is definitely intense and exciting, but there is not much else to it and honestly, I do not think you would miss too much if skipped this issue.

The art is by Daniel Sampere and he does an alright job. It’s rather average looking overall when it comes to superhero work (it’s not bad, but it’s not great either), but he draws some great looking action. While it takes up most of the book and can like padding, Pandora vs. the Secret Society members was a treat to watch, especially since she is able to take about every blow they can give and much more.

I hope they make eye patches in her size.


  • It’s a good tie-in.
  • Very action packed.
  • Pandora is still pretty interesting.
  • Very average writing.

Is It Good?

Sure, but it isn’t the most exciting thing you could be reading this week. If you want to get more of Trinity War or if you want to just follow this title in general, then this should work. Otherwise, you could be reading something else more exciting than this.


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