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Is It Good? Abe Sapien #5: The New Race of Man Part 2 Review

Abe is back, and he may just be “The New Race of Man.” The point is, we need to ascertain whether or not this is good. So, let’s dive right into these dangerous waters, and swim to the deepest depths of Abe Sapien #5: The New Race of Man Part 2.

Abe Sapien #5: The New Race of Man Part 2 (Of 2) (Dark Horse Comics)


Story by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi.

Yet more heaviness is laid before us on the page. Abe, having recently been in a fight with a man named Barry, who cut him with a boxcutter, finds Barry torn to shreds. Naturally, Abe is appalled, and attempts to discover just what killed Barry. And it is this revelation that makes the comic so unique. Because Barry actually killed himself, and it was not a monster or mutated coyotes, as his friends, Judy and Gene wanted everyone to believe. Gene wanted to spread the belief that if you messed with the monsters, which he and Judy worshiped as gods, you would have vengeance taken upon you. In essence, you mess with someone like Abe, you will die horribly.

The Art by Max Fiumara is still as jaw-dropping as before. The Fiumara’s sure know how to draw them a fishman. And how to draw monsters. Observe this beauty down here; gives me the chills:

Also, the proportions are on point. The perspectives are interesting in certain panels. A lot of Abe running and mutant coyotes hunched over, about to pounce. You gotta love it.


  • Beautiful looking Abe.
  • Spectacular huge monster panels, and great monsters in general.
  • Narrative went in a direction unexpected.

Is It Good?

While it is good, it’s anticlimactic. We don’t find out anything new about Abe, save that he is tied in with The Black Flame somehow. The art is a feast for your eye mouths, but, even though the narrative plays around with some heavy stuff, this arc yet again does not bring us any closer to learning how everything ties together in this new world, where monsters have decimated all. Read it for some beautiful art, and the finest looking Abe you’ve seen in years. But don’t expect any concrete answers.


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