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Is It Good? Avengers #17 Review

So, I was wrong. Apparently there are four issues instead of only three for this prologue to Infinity, but that’s beside the point. This is the final issue before the event gets underway. Despite everything I think of all this so far, is it good?

Avengers #17 (Marvel Comics)

Last issue, the Avengers got their asses royally handed to them by something escaped from AIM Island (which was one of the sites for the Origin Bombs) and now AIM has arrived on the scene to take back what is theirs. Doesn’t go well for them, but that’s really irrelevant. Anyways, Eden Fesi/Manifold returns from his trip with Captain Universe with a message from her to the Avengers: “We have to get bigger.”

We just can’t kill them now! That would be cheating! No one likes a cheater Superia!

I don’t get it. I just do not get this comic at all. For everything that happened and was accomplished in his prelude, did we really need four frickin’ issues to tell it?! Cut some unimportant scenes (what was accomplished by Bruce hulking out last issue?) and condense some others (while still keeping the point to it) and you could easily cut one or even two issues out of this prelude. Why? Just why did this half to be four issues, costing 16 bucks in total, for essentially information that was summed up better in the “previously on Avengers” portion at the beginning of the issues?

But besides stretching the plot very thin and the fact that only really three things were accomplished in this entire prelude (Origin sites sending out their signals and hatching, AIM controlling their own creature, and the Avengers expanding), what else was there to this issue? Pretty much the same standard fare for this run. Lots of dull dialogue, slow pacing, some very brief moments of something interesting happening, mostly buildup to something down the line, no payoff, and nothing else. Outside of feeling like prelude to something bigger (so it’s doing its job well) and interesting hints for the upcoming event in the final two pages, there’s no point of buying this issue by itself.

Lady, you are an Avenger. Don’t talk like a valley girl.

The art is…like the rest of the series up to now. It’s certainly not bad, but there’s nothing really special about it. Sure, the group shots look good in the final pages and when Eden Fesi is teleporting guys away, that’s cool looking. However, there’s just nothing else to it. It works, but you aren’t going to really remember anything standing out. Also, something else that I noticed. Look at the cover for this issue and then look at Ex Nihilo in the book itself…

Why did he have boobs on the cover?


  • Well, it’s a prelude alright.
  • The last two or three pages at least hint at something interesting.
  • Decompression. The number one killer of this series.
  • Comes off as dull and lifeless in the art and writing.

Is It Good?

An emphatic NO! Absolutely not. There’s just nothing here I can recommend. It’s boring, it suffers from the worst case of “written for a trade” I have ever seen, barely anything is accomplished, and it’s visually rather dull. It’s this is a sign for things to come in Infinity, then I’m completely terrified, especially since it’s dragging tons of other comics into it, like a killer whirlpool or black hole.


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