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Is It Good? GFT Zombies #2 Review

When it comes to comic book summer events the tie-in series can, if done right, be far more interesting. That’s because they can devote more time to character, while the main event devotes its precious pages to action and big plot moments. Is that so for Grimm Fairy Tales: Zombies – The Cursed, an Unleashed tie-in? Hell, is it good?

Grimm Fairy Tales: Zombies – The Cursed #2 (Zenescope Entertainment)

Missed our review of GFT Zombies #1 and want a look? Well click here silly!

Last issue, zombie hunter Elijah was on the hunt for an heirloom although the majority of the issue took place in a flashback during the days when he was a slave. He fell in love with the plantation owner’s daughter and the dad was none too pleased. The backstory was particularly fascinating as it ties into a slavery voodoo zombie goodness.

A super powered chick named Samantha was looking for Elijah too…but she doesn’t appear in this issue so I guess she doesn’t matter.

”…Not what he expected.” Yeah… stupid little jester hats!

Writer Troy Brownfield does a good job with dialogue throughout. The characters sound unique and realistic. There’s a bit of a slowdown in one sequence between a methadone mom and daughter, but for the most part it’s all slippery smooth.

What Brownfield does exceptionally well however, is pace the hell out of this comic. Everything is nicely balanced culminating in one awesome ending. He naturally cuts to flashbacks and also at the same time gets Elijah and a new female character at the same place at just the right time. And it makes sense. Believe me, that’s not easy, and it all reads very naturally, which only makes the ending that much stronger.

Pop goes the weasel!

I was pretty tough on artist Oscar Celestini in last month’s issue, mainly because his layouts were so repetitive, but it seems he’s fixed that this week. There’s good use of diagonal cutting panels that make the action scenes fluid with a bit more punch. They also relay a sense of Elijah being really good at zombie killing. When the the comic pointed out in narration “He was a fine hunter,” I actually thought, “Don’t need that thank you. The images gave me that.” A lot of the art looks less rushed too with clean lines and inventive gore explosions.

Action packed!


  • Lots of gore…if you’re into that kind of thing
  • Well paced story with things coming together nicely
  • Mother/daughter sequence could have been better. Even the art, good through the rest, was shoddy here.

On top of all that, I don’t think the first issue is that necessary to enjoy #2. The backstory continues, but it’s easy to infer the actions in the previous issue, plus the events in this issue advance things nicely. Part of this is because there’s a conclusion I wasn’t expecting in the slightest and it’s a pretty sick, twist ending. It also sets up a potentially awesome emotionally captivating confrontation in the third issue.

I left this issue with plenty of awesome action, advancement of character development, a surprise ending and tons of zombie gore. Yah I’d call that a win.

Is It Good?

Yep. I want to see a zombie movie based on this comic and I’m sick of zombies. It’s that good.


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