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Is It Good? Lady Rawhide #1 Review

I’ll be frank here. I never heard about this comic until about a week ago when I saw the preview. One look at that cover and I knew I had to check this out (always good to see other companies going for the Zenescope approach with covers). Honestly, there’s nothing else I can say about this other than: Is it good?

Lady Rawhide #1 (Dynamite)

Meet Lady Rawhide. A costumed vigilante from Old Mexico who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, messing with the local authorities and soldiers. On the hunt for her is Captain Reyes, one of the few good and uncorrupt soldiers of the Mexican Army. While all of that is happening, there is a train robbery not too far away, committed by a dangerous gang. Fun and shenanigans ensue throughout.

Think of her as an old school, western Catwoman.

This was a bit of a surprise for me. It wasn’t that bad of story, certainly better than the last time I tried reading comic about a female protagonist from Dynamite. It’s a very paint-by-numbers origin tale for a vigilante character and Lady Rawhide whose deal is very similar to several other characters we’ve seen before, but it was fine and enjoyable. She’s a bad girl, but still a genuinely likeable and heroic hero.

Again, story wise, you’ve seen this stuff before with all of Lady Rawhide’s past and other bits, but it’s just enjoyable enough that you wouldn’t care too much. Outside of some weird page placements (like the first page and the immediate shift to the prologue on the second page), it flows well enough. Dialogue is decent, but nothing particularly special. Doesn’t really establish a direction for the comic to go in, but it establishes some future story threads and the setting well enough.

The art on this comic isn’t too bad. Everyone looks fine, the action is great, the scenery and settings are decent, I like the use of sepia tone for the flashback panels, and character expression is solid. I personally question the hell out of how comfortable Lady Rawhide’s outfit and why she thought “prostitute” would be a good look (hey, it’s the time period. Why wouldn’t someone think that then?). Also, there are very questionable poses (like how much can a woman’s spine bend like that for instant) and I do like how this woman was able to hide her long luscious hair with a simple bandana.

That honestly looks like it would hurt to jump and bend like that.


  • Likeable main character.
  • Decent action and art.
  • Nothing you haven’t seen before.
  • Odd plot and page structure at the beginning.

Is It Good?

Surprisingly, yes. I did not expect too much from this title from just looking at the cover, but I was rewarded with a decent time. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before with this kind of character or setting, but it’s a lot of fun for what it is. I’ll be keeping an eye on this to see where it goes in the future.


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