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Is It Good? Robocop: Last Stand #1 Review

Robocop has never had a better chance at success. Based on Frank Miller’s original screenplay for Robocop 3 that was never published and adapted by 2 Guns writer Steven Grant, how could this fail? It’s impossible, right? Well, is it good?

Robocop: Last Stand #1 (of 7) (BOOM! Studios)

The book opens with Robocop on the run from, well, bad guys, as the police department has been disbanded and people are being forcibly evicted from their homes. With nobody to protect them…who will? I bet you have an idea…

Private security is the WORST.

Basically, Miller has Robocop running around the city like Batman, complete with a much faster ability to run. Oh, and he’s out of bullets. It appears all he needs to do is stop the corporations from tearing down the buildings and the financial drain should take care of the rest. There isn’t a whole lot to chew on besides the art and some tense action, although there is a new female character on the lookout for Robocop. No rhyme or reason to why she’s looking for him as of yet, probably because this seven part series needs to stretch out the story.

That’s pretty funny.

The show is really stolen by artist Korkut Oztekin. He’s got a very old school illustration style reminiscent of Geof Darrow that a lot of folks should dig. There are a few pages that aren’t quite as detailed, namely the ones without Robocop, but for the most part you’ll be dazzled by the imagery.

The detail in those pencils.

Ultimately this series started off a slow and predictable foot. There aren’t too many surprises, and the tidbits you do get to chew on are minimal at best. I’m also confused as to how Robocop can move so fast. Wasn’t he always super slow? If this is based on a screenplay, Frank Miller must not have seen the first movie. Or maybe this is a more advanced Robocop like we saw in Robocop 3? ::Shudder::

Since when could he move that fast?


  • Throwback art that’s very sketchy and detailed
  • Robocop as vigilante!
  • Aside from some action sequences, not much else.

What we have here is an issue that’s mostly set up as far as where Robocop stands and what has become of his city. The rest is action sequences that are good, but not great, particularly because there are no stakes to speak of. He even seems more powerful than ever, even though he’s out of bullets, as he moves like lightning. We’ll see how this series pans out, but it’s very apparent this was written as a series and not for the single issue format.

Is It Good?

No. Skippable issue as anyone could pick up #2 no problem.


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