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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #15 Review

Superior Spider-Man is like a very good TV show. You highly anticipate each issue/episode, there’s an overarching storyline to reward those who tune in for each installment and there’s always something to love. Last issue was a little better than usual for this consistently good series so can this installment keep up the fine work? Is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #15 (Marvel Comics)

Check out our review of the last issue:Superior Spider-Man #14.

Doc Ock is in Spider-Man’s body and it seems permanent. Slowly he’s been utilizing advanced tech across New York to do his job “better.” Unfortunately for New York’s citizens that means things are slowly sliding into a police state.

Last issue, Spider-Man took down the Kingpin with a giant spider-mech and an army of spider tech wielding bad guys. Once again all the goons who got away quickly joined the Green Goblin. Hobgoblin got away last issue and this issue follows him as Spider-Man resorts to finding him and finding out why his spider-bots didn’t see him.

Hurry up already!

The slow boil serial that is this series is a joy to read. Writer Dan Slott has been introducing pieces to this puzzle slow enough to make them natural and organic and all within the boundaries of a 20 issue comic no less! You know the pacing is perfect when you slowly get scared for characters and there’s no immediate threat in site.

Hobgoblin needs to earn more quick cash so he’s forced to rob some banks. You know Spider-Man is going to catch up to him and you’re flipping scared for him! Spidey knows Hobgoblin is getting around the spider-bots detecting him, and while the reader knows Green Goblin is behind it, Spider-Man doesn’t and he’s potentially going to kill Hobgoblin in his Doc Ock rage. It all adds up to some tantalizingly good drama.

Super villainy as job. Better than cubicle work!

This issue also touches on Spider-Man’s failure as Peter Parker. This comes off a bit forced, only because we haven’t seen this aspect of his life for so long. That’s mostly due to the three part Slayer story, because before that arc it seemed to be going peachy for Peter. This issue quickly dispels that idea though. Of course, we all saw this coming from the beginning, it’s just a bit weak to see it all come to a head so fast.

He’s slipping into his Doc Ock speaking points.

Artist Humberto Ramos kills it in this issue as always. You know the artist is a true talent when there’s so much exposition and catching to do. There’s only one fight sequence, but you wouldn’t notice since even the scenes in the Daily Bugle are exciting to look at. I was also taken aback by how hot he made Mary Jane. You failed Spider-Man, she’s the real prize!



  • Ramos draws a mean Mary Jane
  • The drama is building to a painfully great crescendo!
  • Recap of Peter Parker a bit lazy

We’re back to 8.0 territory on this series. (Although having an 8 as your average score isn’t bad in the least.) Tried and true, but not exceptionally great for various reasons. Much like a great TV show, you’ll need to read the previous issues to really dig this series. This issue in particular will be tough for new readers, as it leans on a lot of elements introduced in previous issues.

Is It Good?

Yes, yes yes. I’m starting to wonder if Marvel should never bring Peter Parker back. It’s just that good.


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