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Is It Good? Trillium #1 Review

I’ve been waiting for this one ever since it was announced a while back. Jeff Lemire’s next creator-owned project, Trillium: a strange little romance story between two people in different millenniums (It’s like The Notebook… but with less beaches). Is it good?

Trillium #1 (Vertigo)

Trillium #1 Cover

In the distant future (3797), humanity is being hunted and wiped out by a living virus called The Caul that is adapting and evolving at a horrifying rate. The only possible cure lies with this mysterious flower called the Trillium, which an odd space species is protecting. Nika, a scientist trying to make contact and establish a peaceful relation with this race, is forced to speed things up with the aliens as the virus narrows in on her colony.

Trillium 1 01
The story interestingly enough begins with a scene from what appears to be a found-footage movie.

Now in the past (1921), a group of adventurers lead by a man named William, a shell-shocked veteran of World War I, journey through a jungle in search of a long lost ancient treasure that the Incas once supposedly had. The journey is not easy and is putting strain on them, especially with William and his flashbacks to the war. However, what they find is not exactly what they were expecting.

Trillium 1 02
I think I saw this once in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I’ve gotta say: this was great. Both of the stories were engaging and I really got into the characters that Lemire presented. They feel developed, like real people, with their own complicated histories and goals. The dialogue is very strong, natural, and I was hooked by what everyone was saying. Both stories contain a lot of exposition and info dropping (Nika’s story being the heaviest), but it makes sense since this a first issue and you got get everything established.

Each story is very different from each other (one is sci-fi and the other is adventure) and both are very good at making you want to know more. You want to know more about this virus and alien culture and you want to know more about William’s past and what this mysterious treasure is. Plus, the way both stories end is very clever and brings both stories together (how I won’t say).

Trillium 1 03
No you fool! Don’t give into peer pressure from those aliens!

The art on this is Jeff Lemire’s usual style and that may or may not put you off. He has a very unique style that you’ll either like or dislike and I’ve seen people not be interested in his stuff because of that. I’m rather meh on his stuff, but certainly does some good looking expressions and draws some interesting looking sci-fi. However, what I think is the best part of the art is the use of coloring. You have a very washed out look for the sci-fi tale that is brighter while the adventure tale has flatter and darker colors. Both good and help make each time different from each other, which I think is very good.

Trillium 1 04
She should see a doctor about her shoulder. That doesn’t look healthy.


  • The main characters are very well developed.
  • Both stories really draw you in and make you want to know more.
  • The use of color for the stories is very beautiful.
  • The artwork will be hit or miss for most people.
  • Massive, but necessary amounts of exposition.

Is It Good?

Very much so. Alongside The Wake, this is another very solid and intriguing first issue under the Vertigo banner. The characters and dialogue are very well written, the worlds they live are interesting and well defined, and both of the stories are very strong. I am very excited to see where this continues.


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