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Is It Good? Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #11 Review

And here’s the next tie in to Trinity War! So far, the issues have been alright at best, but nothing too exciting or overly important. Can this comic be the exception? Is it good?

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Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #11 (DC Comics)

Trinity of Sin  The Phantom Stranger #11 Cover

The Phantom Stranger, hesitantly, takes Batman, Katana, and Deadman to Heaven in search of Dr. Light — who is in his own personal little heaven that he created (souls get to do that if they ascend above apparently). However, finding him is going to be difficult in this gigantic afterlife, especially when the Stranger has to keep out of sight of Zauriel, who promised to erase his existence if he ever came back.

Phantom Stranger 11 01
Hmm, so my Heaven might look like the world I’m living in right now? Then… how do I know that I’m not already dead?! Paranoia… setting in!

This issue was… pretty solid. It was better than all of the other tie-ins we had with the continuation of the Trinity War story (Admittedly not much, but hey, it’ll take what I can get) and also Phantom Stranger’s current storyline as well. It introduced a lot of interesting ideas and concepts about how Heaven works that actually made me think and fascinated me, but also did not sacrifice the story or enjoyment factor like comics can fall victim to on occasion. The character stuff was very strong and actually got me emotional (seeing Katana and Batman’s personal heavens were a bit heartbreaking). Throw in some decent dialogue, good pacing, and great cliffhanger and you have an issue that I would recommend reading, even if you are not following Trinity War.

Phantom Stranger 11 02
Also, this scene. Totally rated T for Teens like the cover says.

The art on this is certainly pretty to look at. The characters are great to look (though Deadman seems a bit thinner than usual), good strong facial emotions, gorgeous scenery and detailing, and more. However, the use of coloring and shading, especially during the scenes in the characters’ personal heavens, were especially beautiful looking and most eye-catching things about the issue. Just a wonderfully drawn, inked, and color comic.

Phantom Stranger 11 03
The coloring, shading, and detail; just perfect!


  • Great story, strong characterization and dialogue.
  • The concepts and ideas around Heaven are fascinating.
  • Beautiful artwork.
  • Not much was accomplished towards Trinity War.
  • Weird retcon at the beginning.

Is It Good?

Most certainly is. Phantom Stranger #11 is a good tie-in and is also great tale that can be read by itself. The characters are great, the artwork is amazing, has one hell of a cliffhanger, and more. If you have to get one tie-in for Trinity War, make it this issue.



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