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Is It Good? Half Past Danger #4 Review

When someone says, “This is the best thing you’re not reading/watching/listening” it’s natural to not trust them. Who are they to say what you’re missing out on with such a bold claim? They don’t even know what you like!

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Well I’m here to say, Half Past Danger is the best comic book you’re not reading…if you loved Indiana Jones. Not convinced? Alright, fine, is it good?

Half Past Danger #4 (Of 6) (IDW)

Note that I haven’t read the first 3 issues, which will instantly make you think, “Well what does his opinion matter then?” I’m being upfront with this because, damn is this a fun book despite having not read the first three. I can say with certainty too, it doesn’t require you to know all the exposition before it to enjoy it. As I turned the pages I learned there are Nazis stealing dinosaurs, a crew of heroes that are Indiana Jones-esque and oh, right, a f-----g ninja!

Gruber is the MOST evil name ever.

This book is written and drawn by Stephen Mooney. As I mentioned in my interview with Michael Avon Oeming I liken comic book creators who write and draw their own books to someone like Woody Allen or Quentin Tarantino. They’re able to express their vision more thoroughly from script to screen, or in the case of comics, from script to page.

Of course, critics will argue some flicks by both could have used another set of eyes on them in the editing process in order to make them less self-indulgent or erroneous: Not so here. This book has touches of ingenuity when it comes to sound effects and puzzlement of characters (like question marks over the heads of bad guys Metal Gear style) and the action is always fluid. I think it’s obvious in this case that, if this was written by someone other than the artist, the fluidity of the action sequences wouldn’t be as top notch as it is here.

Remind anyone of a movie action figure…possibly with a whip?

Another book I reviewed this week was very similar to this one, in that it was mainly one long action sequence. That book was X, and while that one did a great job with brutality, this one does an impeccable job with pace and drama. The way the characters turn a table over to block bullets, is done in such an energetic and refreshing way you’ll be breathless as you read it. There doesn’t necessarily need to be words in every panel to convey feeling and emotion and Mooney does a lot more with the imagery than most comics.


The bottom line is this comic is fun to read. When the main thread of this issue ends, a train action sequence, there’s yet another action sequence. Some books might lose you here, as you’ll fatigue with all the action, but Mooney captures characters in the slightest of facial expressions and a surprise or two too. The small touches go a long way to keep you invested in the story.

Awesome layout.


  • This will top anything this week as far as action sequences go
  • Nazis stealing dinosaurs…need I say more?
  • It is…in all honesty, one long action sequence so there’s not much else to chew on

Part of my job is to review a comic for what it’s worth in the single issue format. There are comics like Superior Spider-Man that require you to know what happened before to truly enjoy it. I’m more than certain this series would only be enriched by reading the previous issues, but that said, I wanted to read it like many of you would, completely blind. I’m here to say it’s not a bad trip at all going in blind and, in fact, I recommend it!

Is It Good?

Yes. Damn this is an exciting book that looks great.


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