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Is It Good? Infinity #1 Review

This has been coming for a long time now. After putting up with what is essentially was 17 issue prelude, Hickman finally unveils Infinity on us. This is the big Marvel event of the summer (well end of summer), like how DC currently has Trinity War. Despite all my frustrations and annoyances with Hickman’s Avengers stuff, can he finally deliver on the goods and bring the heat? Is it good?

Infinity #1 (Marvel Comics)

Infinity #1 Cover

The story began with a series shots of different places around the cosmos. One of these shots involved a huge boom…

Infinity 1 01
An earth shattering ka-boom no less. Marvin would be proud.

…and the rest of the shots involve aliens looking for tributes to their dark lord, I mean Thanos. Once that prologue is over and we get a reference guide to everyone going to be involved in this event (I love how Iron Man is listed both under Illuminati and Avengers, while Beast isn’t listed under X-Men. What? He’s not good enough for them now?), the issue truly begins with…more scenes all over the universe. We see what Captain Universe has been up to, scenes with S.W.O.R.D., and an alien deciding the probe the mind of the leader of the Inhumans. While all of this is happening, something bad is brewing out in the universe.

Infinity 1 02
It doesn’t involve Xenomorph knock offs though.

Alright, finally! Things finally sound like they are going somewhere. Trouble beyond the stars and Thanos and his posse planning something big. The stakes seem big and the threat is huge, at least from what I can tell (I’m not sure what exactly it is that is going on). There is definitely an ominous tone going on through this book.

However, I’m kind of baffled here about a lot of things. Who are half of these space aliens that keep showing up? Who’s that grim reaper looking guy? What are the space knights exactly (Also, why put them in the reference page, implying they are important, if they are all dead barely half way into the comic?), what are the Inhumans, etc. etc. It’s not something that is technically bad by any means for a fan who knows this stuff, but any newbies are just going to be lost as hell.

Infinity 1 03
Oh my god, nooo…. Wait, who were these people?

Otherwise, the issue feels fine; gets a lot of things established and started up, we establish who the players are in the storyline (Besides the X-Men. They only appear in one panel, so I’m going to have to go by who the comic says is important), some decent looking action bits, alright dialogue and narration, and good pacing. Not much else to say other than it all work and ends on a good note for plenty of future potential.

Infinity 1 04
Iron Man, enough with the cheesy speeches. Leave that to the Cap.

The artwork for the comic is pretty good. All the aliens and space scenes were neat; the use of color and inks were great, characters all look different from each (facial expressions were dull though) other; the action, again, looks pretty good when it was there, and lots of detail was put into the scenery and backgrounds. Outside of some very generic looking layouts, this was a very well drawn book.

Infinity 1 05
And now a scene from Crisis on Infinite Earths, I mean Infinity.


  • Solid opening issue.
  • Lots of potential for where this story will go.
  • Looks very good.
  • Newcomers to Marvel are going to be confused.
  • Not really exciting or engaging.
  • Costs $4.99.

Is It Good?

Sure. Doesn’t really have the excitement of Trinity War’s opening issue and it feels completely made for only the biggest of Marvel fans (since they’ll get who everyone is), but there is plenty of potential here and things do feel like they are moving. No sign of decompression as well, so bonus points of that. I’m not particularly excited by what’ll happen next, but at least I’m in a better place regarding this comic than last week.


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