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Is It Good? Justice League of America #7 Review

After a two week wait, Trinity War is back. We are continuing with the story in JLA this time around, with Geoff Johns back on writing alongside Jeff Lemire. Where will our story take us next? Is it good?

Justice League of America #7 (DC Comics)

The Secret Society continues to make their move against the heroes and put more of their pieces into place. Pandora seeks out Lex Luthor to see if he is evil enough to open the box, while Wonder Woman and her posse track the ancient woman down. Meanwhile, Superman’s group tracks down Doctor Psycho to see if he was the one who made Superman kill Dr. Light.

And somewhere else, a Green Lantern struggles to open a door. Much less exciting though.

There was a lot happening this issue, with each group following a lead somewhere and others doing their own thing. However, it didn’t feel like a lot was accomplished though, since the characters are not figuring out a lot with each move they make. It’s a little bit annoying, but then again, it does make the villains out to be credible, since they seem to be a couple steps ahead of the game and providing a legitimate challenge for everyone. Give and take if you will.

It suggests the final two parts will be exciting and action packed

The rest of the writing is good, though. Dialogue and characterization is fine (Wonder Woman remains questionable, but Lex Luthor’s portrayal was good), pacing was decent and nothing felt rushed over or drawn out, there was a good cliffhanger, and the buildup is still solid. Wasn’t the most exciting of issues, but it does at least suggest the final two parts will be exciting and action packed.

The art by Doug Mahnke feels better this time around. Characters look good (outside of the occasional creepy looking eyes), emotions are decent, the bit of action looks decent, panel placement makes the story easy to follow and such. Nothing too amazing or eye catching, but one thing did stand out. There are five different inkers and three different colorists working on this one issue. Honestly, you can tell in some parts and it may throw you off about why the art feels different all of a sudden.


  • The writing all around is good.
  • Good character bits and dialogue.
  • The artwork is decent.
  • Way too many inkers and colorists.
  • Not much was accomplished this time around.
  • Wasn’t really as engaging as previous issues.

Is It Good?

It is, but it feels very much like a middle issue to a big event, but with less action. Things are definitely moving forward, not much is being accomplished by the heroes. Art is decent, but nothing great. Still definitely worth checking out.


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