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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 Review

Because nobody asked for it, Marvel Comics has given us a teamup between Scarlet Spider and the new Spider-Man (with the Doc Ock soul). I’m sure many of you are wondering if this is worth plunking some cold hard cash on so why don’t I answer the question that’s in all your minds: Is it good?

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 (Marvel Comics)

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This is part one of a two part story entitled Sibling Rivalry which can be summed up thusly: “what happens when Spider-Man runs into Scarlet Spider?” If you guessed Spider-Man, using his Doc Ock memories of Kaine kicking his ass, attacks Scarlet Spider you guessed right. Why this comic is titled a “team-up” is beyond me, although they do technically team up for all of three pages.


In a lot of ways writer Christopher Yost has slapped together your typical hero-fighting-hero misunderstanding story which, as we all know, ends up with them teaming up to fight together. Only the misunderstanding is Scarlet Spider not knowing it’s Doc Ock inside Spider-Man. It’s a clever play on the cliched superhero trope, but at its root it’s still just an excuse to get characters battling it out.

Guess those legs aren’t so helpful huh?

What that means then is that artist Marco Checchetto has a lot riding on his shoulders. If this doesn’t look good you might as well look in another direction. Thankfully, Checchetto does an excellent job with the action. The sequences are crisp, clear and fun to look at, even with the dark mood set by the night time scene.

This issue is paced like a good episode of an animated series. There’s a clear opening, the majority is a fun action scene and then it all ends with a cliffhanger. Much like an animated series, the cliffhanger sort of just plops down out of nowhere and requires you to tune in next time to grasp the gravity of the situation.

Back to back! Two webslingers!


  • Looks great
  • Twist on heroes fighting each other only to team up later works
  • So the bad guys enter at the last few frames at the perfect time…of course!

What we have here is a superhero yarn that’s all action and not a lot of brains. If you’re looking for that kind of thing, by all means join the fray. Oh, and there’s a bit of Clone Saga boiling under the surface, too. This story concludes over in Scarlet Spider #20 and judging by how that issue reads…maybe this two parter isn’t even worth it. That said, for the money the fight sequence between the spider men is entertaining.

Is It Good?

Yes, but just barely, as the Clone Saga is reimagined with SpOck fighting Scarlet Spider.


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