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Is It Good? Avengers #18 Review

Much to my surprise, Infinity proved to be a surprisingly decent read, if unengaging and really only for big Marvel fans. It showed promise and potential to be exciting and thrilling. Now we come upon the first issue that will tie in/continue the story, Avengers #18. Will this be somewhat enjoyable unlike every other issue before? Is it good?

Avengers #18 (Marvel Comics)

After a flashback with the Skrull “Empire,” we cut to Nomad, some random planet out in the middle of space where alliances from all over the cosmos are coming together to solve one problem: stop the Builders’ huge and large scale Armada at all costs before it pretty much wipes out every single living thing around (I guess, I’m still shaky on what their point is). So they all come up with a plan for a huge ambush to take out the forces.

I’m rather worried since a couple of our heroes are not taking this seriously.

Well I’ll be! There’s quality in this, unlike last time. The story is moving (though you can call what happens a mile away), the threat actually feels threatening and huge, the characters feel like they are doing something (they get their butts kicked though, par for the course of this entire series), and the issue didn’t feel slow for the most part. It feels like a miracle, even if the writing is mostly just average.

However, it holds some problems as always. It has a similar problem that Infinity did, wherein it shows all of these aliens and locations. However, newcomers may not find any connection or find that they mean anything to them if they are not familiar with these things like bigger fans of the Marvel universe. It’s also rather dry since a lot of the book is mostly exposition and not very engaging exposition at that. Plus, since you can easily figure out this is all going to fail, you are just kind of left waiting for it to happen (at least it’s not stretched out).

Hey look! It’s a brown Xenomorph knockoff and an Ultron impersonator. Wait, that’s not who they are?

The artwork this time around is by Leinil Francis Yu and it is certainly a cut above the parade of mediocre and painfully average artists we had on this title. He’s got a good sense of detail that helps make everyone look different and unique, standing out from everyone else and he can certainly draw an epic looking space battle (one that eventually becomes a curb stomp). Though the colorist he is paired up with always seems to be a bit odd with how he uses his tones and shades, like with how some people seem to shine a bit. Also, Bruce Banner looks like he is in his sixties in this book.

It looks good and all, but I don’t think this can top space sharks.


  • Not decompressed at all.
  • The villains seem very powerful and threatening.
  • The artwork is strong.
  • Exposition is pretty dry.
  • Newcomers aren’t going to get everything.
  • You can predict a couple of things in the story.

Is It Good?

Shockingly, yes. I wouldn’t say the series is great, but I do say it has finally become at the very least average. At this point, that’s a feat onto itself. Maybe it can keep that going as Infinity continues.


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