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Is It Good? Blood Brothers #2 Review

Let’s look at some vampire brothers from different mothers, ya dig? Is it good, jive turkeys?

Blood Brothers #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Blood Brothers #1 Review Here.

Yet again, this comic has me laughing my ass off, and is full of action. And vampire jokes. I love the use of flashbacks as jokes in this series. In this issue we get a Barcelona during the Inquisition gag (erman).

Despite the fact this is yet again another comic where vampires are relatable, and you don’t need to protect ya neck (cue the Wu)…

…I enjoy Nick and Tree. I can even get past the fact one of them is named “Tree,” and the fact that so far the name has not be explained. Plus, there is a plot about a vampire that can read minds thrown in amidst the silliness. So, right on Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller (I already made the “their names sound like they were made for porn,” joke last time, right?”). Plus, who doesn’t love a comic with a little boy making dick jokes? (He’s a vampire, so he’s really not that little, calm the f--k down.)

The art by Evan Shaner is fun. I mean, holy crap, just look at what Tree is wearing in this panel below.

The panels gets the job done, and with the help of colorist Dan Jackson, one gets the aesthetic of Vegas ingested with the ease of take out by one inebriated or toasted. Although I will admit that occasionally the covers remind me of a Capcom game.


  • Funny as Hell.
  • Fun art.
  • Not scary vampires.

Is It Good?

Despite my annoyance at everybody doing the Twilight/True Blood thing where Vampires don’t want to drink blood directly from humans necks, I’m digging this issue, and series. It’s funny, and puts good use to the thousand years Nick and Tree have been alive, mainly for hilarious flashbacks. The colors pop, and since they’re in Vegas, this works quite well. If you want a funny comic with a hint of the supernatural, and vampire with a flannel, and one with an afro, then look no further! Than your local comic store or online comic-seller! All right!!! Party down!!! Seriously, I’m done!


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