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Is It Good? Dinosaurs Attack! #2 Review

Last month, dinosaurs attacked in Dinosaurs Attack! #1 but only on the last page. Now that dinosaurs have been teleported into the current timeline can we expect more attacking dinosaurs in issue #2? If so, is it good?

Dinosaurs Attack! #2 (IDW)

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If you’re just joining us, last month a genius scientist invited the press to a space station outside Earth to show off his invention to take a peek into the past. The man has a second personality that may be very evil, but not much has been shed on that element of the story. Instead, the last issue ended with the invention malfunctioning and, what looks like, teleporting dinosaurs onto planet Earth.

For those of you angry the last issue had a scant amount of dinosaurs you’ll be happy to know this issue is nearly all dinosaurs. In fact, there’s so many panels of dinosaurs eating, attacking and killing humans you’ll wonder if there’s any story to speak of! That said, this story is running five issues and I’m sure all the exposition in that first issue will end up being important, but if you end up only reading this issue you wouldn’t know it.

Happy dinosaurs are healthy dinosaurs. Eat humans today!

This issue is a lot of fun and will satisfy anyone looking for some top notch paintings of dinosaur who, well…attack. The last issue was satisfying for completely opposite reasons, mostly due to good character development, intriguing dynamics between characters and the general idea of the technology to see into the past. Writer Gary Gerani is letting the artists take the helm in this installment, which is great.

Teleporting dinosaurs. Thanks science!

The gore and violence, in all its painting glory, is so insane you’ll find yourself laughing. The issue starts out with some simple situations, like a dinosaur tearing up a bridge, eating a police officer, taking out a police helicopter, but gets more and more insane as the issue unfolds. How about a dinosaur attacking an elementary school and eating kids? Or dinosaurs battling it out in Pisa, pushing the leaning tower right to the ground? Earl Norem is clearly having a ball and let me tell you, we’re benefiting from his fun. Ever wanted to see a triceratops pierce the bride, groom and wedding cake all in one panel? It’s here folks, and it’s gloriously nuts. It’s all intensely gory and realistic due to the quality of paintings, but humorous too. Why would dinosaurs be inside a police department chomping on the cops in the first place? Talk about going out of your way!

What’s worse, the spilled slushy or the arms still connected to the driving wheel?

There are moments drawn in a conventional way which serve the purpose of progressing the story, and while not a lot is added in this issue, they fit nicely with the paintings. Clearly time and effort was put in to make them match up a bit, but also paced at the right moments. Basically the paintings serve as the action sequences in a movie and, much like CGI today, look amazing and only serve to get us cheering and shouting.

Wouldn’t “dinosaur size” be more accurate? I mean…Godzilla isn’t real.


  • A ton of humorous, gory dinosaur fun
  • Story takes a backseat to all the action

This issue is paced wonderfully, with a ton of great dinosaur action to ogle. In the grand scheme of this five part series it is a jarring change from the first issue, but that’s just fine. Anyone looking for a sweet single issue blind buy read should be happy with this issue too. It delivers everything promised on the cover and then some. And when you think about it, in this day and age that’s saying a lot.

Is It Good?

Yes. This is one dinosaur amusement ride that won’t disappoint.


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