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Is It Good? Justice League Dark #23 Review

Trinity War is nearing its conclusion and chaos is breaking out all over the place. Jeff Lemire is flying solo again on this title; can he bring something great to get us all pumped and on the edge of our seats? Is it good?

Justice League Dark #23 (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman gets a hold of Pandora’s Box and goes nuts, attacking everyone. Her team of heroes tries to wrestle the box away, including Shazam, with varying results. Meanwhile, Superman’s team tries to deal with the destruction back at base and Batman’s team finally gets a lead to where Madame Xanadu was taken.

The issue was pretty decent overall. The story continued to move slowly, but it still ended with a big revelation that is actually shock and surprise worthy (provided that you haven’t read those spoiled filled articles recently). It was mostly just a long fight scene, but it was a cool fight and it had a legitimate reason for why the heroes were fighting each other. The characters all felt right (even Wonder Woman, but that’s only because she’s currently corrupted by the box so she can’t possibly act out of character then) and the dialogue was fine. There’s really not much here to say overall, but everything felt fine outside of not much progressing story wise.

Though he’s back to my surprise. Thought for sure he would be out for the rest of the story…

The art is very good and a huge step up from last week, though that can be contributed to the fact that there was only one inker on this book. Mike Janin’s art is very pretty and nice to look at, from his well detailed and unique characters to his exciting action scenes. He may dive a little bit too much into the double page spreads this issue, but they all look very good. Toss in some great coloring and you got what would easily be the best drawn Justice League book if it wasn’t for Ivan Reis.

Wait wait wait! Animal Man’s powers are magic based?


  • The action and art is great to look at.
  • The writing is decent for the most part.
  • Solid cliffhanger and reveal.
  • Said reveal may have been already spoiled..
  • Not much in the terms of story progression.
  • More heroes fighting each other may not be for you.

Is It Good?

It is. It’s very action packed all the way through and the characters are enjoyable, even if they are possessed. This issue might does not progress the story much (which is weird, considering it’s the second to last issue of the event), the reveal at the end might have been spoiled recently, and you may not be much for the heroes fighting each other (even if a good reason). However, if you are still reading this, you might as well continue with it. There’s only one issue left to go.


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