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Is It Good? Miss Fury Digital #1 Review

It’s been awhile since I checked in on Miss Fury. Last I left it, it was pretty unbearable in every way possible with a weird sense of censorship to boot. Well I’m back and I’m going to give this series an undeserved third chance to impress. This time, it appears to be a digital version, combining three parts of a digital only series… I guess. Is it good?

Miss Fury Digital #1 (Dynamite)

Miss Fury Digital #1

So Miss Fury is now a Nazi Hunter and back in her time period (I must have missed a crap ton by not reading the past 2 issues). In the first part (Pat 0), she gets some intel that a Nazi is going to sneak into a train yard and steal a new weapon the U.S. is developing. When he does show up, he brings some rather interesting backup in the form of Roman Centurions. The second and third parts sort of continue the story, but in very weird ways that left me scratching my head.

This comic… hasn’t improved much at all. I’ll give it credit that I don’t hate the main character like before, but she feels insistent in this whole book. In the first part, she jokingly states that she would kill a guy (something she isn’t above at all) to get a warm bath and then later she starts developing these concerns for this lost in time Roman Centurion that she barely knows. Then even later, she tries to stop him from killing someone, but again, that doesn’t seem like it would fit her character at all.

This comic raises way too many questions or really rushes through things

But forgetting that for a moment, this comic raises WAY too many questions or really rushes through things. Especially the whole situation that happens afterwards with the Romans and them forming their own criminal organization. How the hell does that work since, besides one guy, not one of them speaks English and they come from a completely different time period and culture? The whole bit with the dinosaur and whatever happened to it is another good question. Then of course the last part, that took placed in the extremely distant future that takes places in outer space raised a bunch of questions, one of them being whole the hell did these people learn to drive space ships so quickly and easily? So many questions, just not enough time.

Besides that, it’s pretty dull and lifeless. The dialogue is tripe and unengaging, everyone’s one dimensional or their personality doesn’t seem consistent, all of the story feels rushed and going all over the place (the final pages of the first part for example), and you just don’t feel anything towards this book. There’s no emotion to be found anywhere. Nothing’s fun, funny, exciting, emotional, deep, intriguing, engaging, or thrilling on any level with anything it does. It’s a soulless book if there ever was any.

But what about the art? Well I’ve got to hand it to this comic, it’s somehow worse than ever. I’ll grant it that the artists for part 2 and 3, Johnny Desjardnis and Fritiz Casas, weren’t awful and just dreadfully boring. There’s just nothing ever interesting or thrilling to look at, even with time traveling ghosts and a gigantic dinosaur at one point.

There’s nothing interesting or thrilling to look at, even with time traveling ghosts and a gigantic dinosaur

However, the art team (please tell me Wagner Reis is not related Ivan Reis), has some of most ghastly artwork I have ever seen a professionally made comic. Everyone looks like they were made in Photoshop (like someone cut out parts of a JPG and stuck them together), it’s burly in parts, poor coloring and filters, weak as hell “action”, awful body proportions, bland settings and backgrounds, and sometimes it’s just flat out lazy (there’s one panel where a guy is yelling and then in the next panel, he’s stabbed but retains the same body pose and facial expression). It’s like a third rate version of something Frazer Irving would draw, but even worse.

Miss Fury 01.5 01
Oh my god, she’s turned into a conehead!


  • Does not cause physical harm or pain (only emotional).
  • Lettering was fine and the second and third artist’s work wasn’t incompetent.
  • Just about everything thing else you can imagine.

Is It Good?

I’m going to be straight and to the point. No, it’s not. There’s nothing here at all. Absolutely nothing. Miss Fury, even in digital only form, is simply worthless. You are better off reading the western Catwoman expy that struggles to keep her boobs in her outfit than Miss Fury.


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