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Is It Good? My Little Pony Micro-Series #7 Review

Time for some more pony action and fun. This week, we turn our attention to the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their endless journey to discovering what their future talent will be. Is it good?

My Little Pony Micro-Series #7: Cutie Mark Crusaders (IDW)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders — Applebloom, Sweetie Bell, and Scootaloo — are on another adventure, trying to find their true calling. During which, they cross paths with an odd creature called a Mimicker, which can transform into any object it wants. Right now, it’s just a youngling, which means it is constantly transforming until it finds a form it wants to settle on and be for good. The girls, seeing it has the similar goals, decide to make it an honorary crusader like themselves and start trying out their new friend’s power. Unfortunately, with great power comes great selfishness.

This issue was very decent, but I do not think it was nearly as good as the previous issue. The characters were definitely fine with their characterization, the conflict and ultimate moral presented were solid and not done before with the characters, and the whole plot felt strong. I think, however, the problem comes with the fact that the issue was not very funny. Sure, there were one or two jokes that were decent (also like the Waldo reference), but otherwise, it was rather bland and did not feel like it had the heart that the other issues had before.

Rather bland without the heart of past issues

The artwork was also pretty good. The characters looked great with strong facial expressions, some nice panel layouts and some rather eye-catching images at times. I, however, think the coloring was not that particularly great. The colors are definitely right for every character and location, but it felt rather light. It wasn’t bright or colorful enough like the previous issues, so it doesn’t give you the exact same look or feel as the previous issues did.


  • The characters are definitely good.
  • The new creature is pretty interesting.r
  • The moral is strong and different.
  • It’s not very funny.
  • The coloring is rather weak and dull.

Is It Good?

It is, but it’s not nearly as wonderful or enjoyable as the previous Micro-Series issue. The moral is strong and the characterization is right on point. However, it just did not have the humor and bright color that show and previous issues had to help boost the issue. I still recommend it, but it’s best to wait until you get it in a trade collection.


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