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Is It Good? Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3 Review

Alright, here’s the last tie-in to Trinity War, and it’s another Pandora issue. The last one was so-so, but perhaps this issue can end the series of tie-ins on a high note. Is it good?

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3 (DC Comics)

The issue takes place during Justice League Dark #23 when everyone is fighting over Pandora’s Box. Unseen by all the heroes in the room, the Deadly Sins have arrived and are feeding off their negative emotions and energies. Pandora can see them, but she has no idea how to stop them. Perhaps a couple of flashbacks to her training the past could shed some light on a possible solution?

Maybe the time this Robin Hood looking guy shot an arrow at her face could be the key?

This issue was pretty solid, a step up from the previous issues. It continues Pandora’s search for a way to kill the Deadly Sins in the midst of all the battling going on around her (her conclusion is actually pretty clever and makes for a killer cliffhanger) and S.H.A.D.E & A.R.G.U.S.’s hunt for Pandora, who thinks of her as a super villain. The dialogue is decent enough, the pacing and flow is strong; you can feel and relate to Pandora’s emotional state currently as she sees all the events unfold around her. By itself, the story works as its own thing while connecting back to the main storyline. It is a strong, well rounded issue all together.

The artwork for the comic is pretty decent. There’s nothing that really stands too much out about it, outside of the neat double page spread with the Deadly Sins absorbing the heroes’ emotion and final two pages. It’s all completely competent and well-drawn, but there are some occasional problems. Some facial expressions do not really capture the emotions of the characters well or represent what they should be really considering their dialogue, like how the Sins look rather bored than surprise by what happens at the end. Some people looked like they were drawn in a rush and some have no pupils at all.

Also, is that really supposed to be Captain Marvel/Shazam? He looks nothing like him.


  • It’s a good tie-in and continuation of the story.
  • Pandora and her flashbacks are interesting.
  • Pretty awesome ending overall.
  • Doesn’t pick or get exciting until the end.
  • A couple of artistic flubs.

Is It Good?

Yes. It’s easily the second best tie in, with it doing its job and also continuing its own story very well. With how it ends, it seems to set up what the rest of the series will be about and promises it’ll be an exciting ride along the way. Hopefully, when it comes back in October, it’ll live up to that and continue well enough now that’ll be free of a crossover event.


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