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Is It Good? Wonder Woman #23 Review

Wonder Woman vs. the First Born. Who ya got? Is it good?

Wonder Woman #23 (DC Comics)

You know you’re in for a treat when the final panel of a comic reads, “The End.” That usually signifies that the entire issue is going to be all climax, which means tons of action, great art, and a certifiable conclusion to the 3, 6, 12 issues that came before it. Well guess what, the final says those climactic words in this very issue.

She-meat is my new pet name for the wife.

If you’ve been following this series, you’ll know the First Born is a massive deity who is a killing machine. He wants to take over Olympus and he’s gotta go through Wonder Woman to do it. With her brother Ares on her side she’s ready for the showdown of the century. Oh and Jack Kirby’s New Gods are involved too, more specifically Orion who has joined her to fight off this First Born bastard.

I think I saw this on the WWF once.

As far as climactic battles go this issue delivers. Writer Brian Azzarello doesn’t resort to a single brawl, but levels to the battle. For instance, Ares culls up an army of the undead to help fight, Wonder Woman powers up at one point, and more importantly Wonder Woman is tested morally and physically. That’s what makes this issue so good in fact. She doesn’t just brawl, but makes a conscience decision to be better than just a fighter seeking murder. That of course, after she fails at the straight up fighting part, but that only adds to the ups and downs of the issue.

Aww you ruined his hair!

Artist Cliff Chiang does an impeccable job on this issue. The action is clean and concise and the emotional moments in between the fighting is touching and genuine. I particularly like how he’s done the bruising and scratches as the issue unfolds. That helps sell how brutal a battle this is. God knows (pun intended) it’s hard to ding up a gods.

Love the Tron glow effect.


  • Well balanced climax with ups and downs
  • Chiang is a wonder
  • Real change for Wonder Woman in its conclusion
  • Okay, so it’s really just one big fight scene
  • The ultimate conclusion to First Born is meh

Ultimately this issue succeeds because, as climaxes go, there’s an emotional element to all the fighting. Wonder Woman actually learns a lesson in this issue too. Oh, and it all ends with a major change to the character too. A change that is not only exciting but also a fitting conclusion to this story arc. I suppose the only negative I can graft from this issue is the ultimate end that comes to the First Born. It’s a bit of a cliche when it comes to superhero books, but obviously the choice was made to aid in future stories.

Is It Good?

Yes. The battle ebbs and flows, Wonder Woman see’s a massive development and it all looks peachy.


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