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Is It Good? Batman/Superman #3 Review

Batman/Superman #3 continues all that hot Batman on Superman on Superman on Batman action that’s been building in the first two issues and brings it to an Earths-shattering climax. Well, almost. And yes I said “Earths,” as in the plural form of Earth. That’s because the fate of two worlds could be hanging in the balance by issue’s end.

Will we find out the dastardly villain behind all this many-worlds chicanery? Will the alternate versions of Batman and Superman get along? Will there be more Pegasus-straddling Earth 2 Wonder Woman for all you freaks out there? Is it good?

Batman/Superman #3 (DC Comics)


The story kicks off with Kaiyo, the demon trickster shedding more light on why she’s been mind-humpin’ around with our Batman/Supermen protagonists for the past two issues. And we even get a peek at who she’s working for. (Non-spoiler alert: He’s on the cover.)

Greg Pak’s writing is top-notch: The way he shifts between perspectives — from young pup Batman and Superman to their older counterparts and back again is sly and seamless. And whenever young Superman digs on future Superman or vice-versa a Thanagarian gains its wings. In other words, this is fun stuff. Like Sean Connery’s Dr. Henry Jones Sr. ragging on Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade levels of fun. (Or more recently, Future Thor and reckless young Thor over in the Jason Aaron-authored Thor: God of Thunder.)


Although a little corny in premise, the flashback glimpses at coming-of-age Earth 2’s Batman and Superman are so damn heartwarming it doesn’t matter. They also serve as a refreshing juxtaposition to the grim circumstances of the main story. If Pak were to write a Sandlot-esque series starring Earth 2’s World’s Finest and all their precocious shenaniganery I’d snatch that s--t up in a heartbeat.


I grew up with artist Jae Lee on titles like Hellshock and Namor the Sub-Mariner so to see how his stuff has evolved and matured over the years and then arguably culminated on a title with DC’s flagship characters is both perplexing and intriguing: Perplexing because if you knew only his bizarre yet beautiful work from back in the day you’d be even more amazed at what he’s doing here and intriguing because his otherworldly art is a perfect fit for the surreal narrative.


  • Bizarrely beautiful artwork.
  • Great internal monologues for all the characters.
  • Fun flashback sequence.
  • If not for the flashback sequence, the issue would feel drawn out.

Is It Good?

Yes. If it weren’t for the flashback sequence the issue would suffer from a hint of protraction but overall we have intriguing new plot developments, ominous Darkseid foreshadowing, a mysterious new weapon, and a slew of new questions that need answering.

Maybe all the Batman vs. Superman hype has rekindled my interest towards the two teaming up but this issue was strong from start to finish and I look forward to continuing the adventure next month.


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