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Is It Good? Itty Bitty Hellboy #1 Review

Itty Bitty Hellboy is f-----g adorable. I just want to see him play with kitties, and eat pancakes, but their are still five issues left of this aww-inspiring little series. Is Itty Bitty good? I bet he is, yes he is, who’s a good Itty Bitty Hellboy?

Itty Bitty Hellboy #1 (Dark Horse)

Written by Franco, and Art Baltazar (who also provides the cute art) Itty Bitty Hellboy has a few different scenarios in classic comic strip, Sunday Funnies fashion. We see Hellboy do battle with precious little Ghost Rasputin, and Karl Ruprecht Kroenen who have a fort inside of a dishwasher box. Other itty bitty baddies featured include Herman Von Klempt, who springs around like he was a head pogo stick rather than flying around. Think low tech, think 9-year-olds play-fighting, and that’s what most of this is. Also, it’s nice to see the gang back together, even if they’re all children.

Art Baltazar provides some jaw-droppingly cutesy art. The coloring brings to mind crayon drawings. And the little guys act child-like, because they are all children, so duh. They’re adorable little supernatural rapscallions!

Eeeeeee! Look at Johann Clouuuud!


  • Too cute.
  • Great colors, very crayon-y.
  • Even if they’re in itty bitty form, nice to see the old gang back together.

  • Might be a little confusing for casual fans not up to date on back issues.

Is It Good?

It’s hard to find much wrong with this comic. Some readers who aren’t intimately versed in the Mignolaverse might be confused as to who some of these oldies but goodies are, such as Roger and Herman Von Klempt. However, save for the confusion for the casual fan, this book is great. Cute little B.P.R.D. agents chilling during the summer in cardboard box forts, and a kiddie swimming pool. Read this with your morning coffee on Sunday; it only seems fitting. It beats the s--t out of Garfield. Unless you’re reading Garfield minus Garfield.

Now, here’s to hoping next issue itty Hellboy gets pancakes, and a wholes mess o’ kitties!


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