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Is It Good? Justice League #23 Review

And so, we finally reach the finale to “Trinity War”. This is it and from here, it leads into the next event, “Forever Evil”. That implies something bad is going to go down in this issue and it’ll be epic as it does. Will it be though or will it fall flat? Is it good?

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Justice League #23 (DC Comics)

All three teams led by Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman converge in the same area. Fighting breaks out as Pandora’s Box still affects everyone by making them evil. Surprises happen. A traitor is revealed. The ultimate truth behind the Box, the Outsider’s plan, and what this all meant comes to light.

Justice League #23 Cover
And it’ll be epic as hell as it all goes down!

Okay… you may have already found out about the twist due to that spoiler floating around (thanks a lot for revealing it ahead of time Johns, DC, and IGN), so this ending won’t come as a big surprise. Now if you didn’t know about it, then this will be a great reveal. On the plus side though, there are still plenty of shocking things in this issue besides that spoiler, so you’ll be guaranteed a surprise or two along the way. I know I certainly was.

All in all, a very satisfying ending issue all around.

But besides the surprises, what else went on? Well a majority of questions were answered, like who the traitor was and what exactly the box is, and this entire issue felt like closure to this storyline… sort of. It ends on a note that’ll lead directly into “Forever Evil,” so the story in general is far from over. The whole thing does leave you wanting more and seeing where matters go next as well, so points there. The rest of the stuff is good with decent dialogue, no off pacing, and some very good character bits. All in all, a very satisfying ending issue all around.

Ivan Reis is back in as the artist and by God, is it good to see his stuff again. The characters look great, their emotions are telling (though one person during a big reveal does this weird kissy lips thing when he or she is whispering), the colors are gorgeous (that’s more credit due to Rod Reis), and the action is amazing. The huge fight scene and double page spreads are extremely pleasing to the eyes. There is literally nothing to complain about in the art department here besides that one nitpick.

Justice League 23 02
Flashback time to last year’s Free Comic Book Day!


  • All the twists, reveals, and surprises.
  • Solid cliffhanger.
  • The artwork is utterly amazing.
  • Ending was sadly leaked early, so it may lose impact.
  • The whole event ultimately just leads into another event.

Is It Good?

For sure. Trinity War started off great, went average to decent during the middle, and wrapped up on a great cliffhanger for the next event coming next week, which could bug people who are tired of events. With great twists and turns and beautiful artwork, this was a very satisfying and enjoyable issue all around. Now if only people didn’t spoil the dang ending.

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