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Is It Good? Danger Girl: The Chase #1 Review

Wide hips, tight tops and gunplay; whatever else could you want from Danger Girl? Personally, I like a little spy intrigue to liven up the art, so how does the newest story arc play out? Is it good?

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Danger Girl: The Chase #1 (IDW Publishing)

The cover to this new story says it all, as the entire issue follows the Danger Girl team as they chase a target. The target is a dragon tattooed chick who’s picking up a briefcase. If you don’t know who the Danger Girls are well…read this:

Abbey, Sydney and Sonya use any and all means to traverse towns, cities, states, countries, continents(!) in their relentless pursuit to retrieve-and keep!-this unstable ticking time bomb before it begins its countdown to unimaginable danger!

What’s in the damn case?!

Once J. Scott Campbell left this series to other writers and artists there’s been shoddy story arc after shoddy arc. The best case scenario is decent art with a cliched story to set the characters on. After reading this issue I have faith writer Andy Hartnell has a bit more than your typical MacGuffin plot taking place. While this issue doesn’t reveal much, and in fact really only contains one sequence, the MacGuffin is an interesting concept that could hold some meaning. It appears the bad guys are after a briefcase that’s shrouded in mystery. The girls aren’t being told what it is, just that it’s dangerous, and their confusion only enhances the anticipation of the chase in this issue. When the briefcase does get some info spilled on it, you’ll see a bit of science fiction elements flying by that should keep you salivating for the next issue.

Yeah, because huge glasses will totally keep you undercover not only being white and blonde in China, but wearing that outfit.

Of course, being only one action sequence, there isn’t much in this issue to chew on. The characters are all established and simply going after the briefcase. The bad guy gets a slight moment, but not anything to pique interest. As far as action sequences go though, the flow is clear and the pace well done.

Sweet tats.

That’s largely due to artist Harvey Taliboa who has a realistic style that’s hyper detailed, particularly with the backgrounds. His style reminds me a lot of Leinil Francis Yu. His expressions, much like Yu’s, are up and down from panel to panel. Some look amazing, others a bit odd, particularly Abbey as he draws her with some huge eyes. The action is clear and concise though and the backgrounds also remind me of Yu. The sequence in this issue takes place during a parade in China with tons of people cluttering the backgrounds. The amount of detail Taliboa has drawn into these backgrounds is staggering and really livens up the panels.

Hip explosion!


  • Taliboa has a great style that keeps you ogling the page even after you’ve read it
  • Interesting setup to a potentially great story
  • It’s only one action sequence; not a ton to read

Hartnell and Taliboa have my curiosity, but not yet my attention. They’ve set up a chase that has an intriguing MacGuffin, a bad guy with a bit of color and some sick art to go along with it. Because this is only one action sequence there isn’t a lot yet to judge as far as the story goes, but if you’re looking for sexy art and a story that’ll keep you interested, look no further.

Is It Good?

Yes. This spy thriller might be the best of its kind on the shelf today.

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