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Is It Good? Forever Evil #1 Review

Trinity War has come to a close and the next big event is about to begin. It certainly doesn’t look good for our heroes, with the outlook for the villains looking much brighter. As for the comic itself, though, is it good?

Forever Evil #1 (DC Comics)

The Justice League is dead and the Crime Society has risen. Villains from all over are broken out of jail and offered up to join them. Heroes are given warning to stand down or face the consequences. And somewhere, Lex Luthor stands alone as all things go to hell and his vault is raided.

I don’t think sniffing Kryptonite crack is exactly healthy.

This was pretty incredible. As the beginning to this long event, it gets everything set up perfectly. This is a situation where the villains have won and the comic really shows just how bleak things are turning out for the world. The villains taking over and breaking out everyone, heroes (well just one) getting defeated and worse, power and communications going down all over, and much more (the biggest surprise can’t be spoiled). It all mostly setup, but dammit if it’s not good setup. It really sucks you in as you begin worrying about the survivors and what will happen.

From what was implied by solicits and the story, it seems that there will be a group of villains trying to fight against the Crime Society, possibly led by Lex Luthor. That does not or begin to happen this issue, but it does seem like it will happen given how Lex is reacting this issue. As for the rest of the story, it’s very good. The pacing is solid and the story moves quickly while setting up the new status quo, the villains are great and very imposing, the dialogue is decent (I like the banter with the villains talking to one another), and the cliffhanger is especially good (a bit silly but hey, this is comics). This does seem like a promising and thrilling event judging from this first issue.

In other words, shut up or I’ll take away the cape and no one can have it!

So with Trinity War, we had Ivan Reis, Mike Janin, and Doug Mahnke drawing the books and it looked great! Who do we get drawing Forever Evil? David Finch, and boy is it a step down in quality. His characters tend to have the same faces, bad facial expressions, weird and off body physiques, blank backgrounds, and unimpressive action. It’s really kind of lackluster. On the flipside, I do like the coloring and inking on this. It’s very dark and gritty looking with these two aspects, but it works with the tone and story itself. The villains have won, why wouldn’t the world look so bleak and depressing?

This wasn’t the first time Monocle got blown to pieces in comics. Though in Manhunter, it was just his head.


  • Very exciting and thrilling start.
  • The premise is great and promising.
  • The writing is solid overall.
  • The inking and coloring fits the tone of the book.
  • The penciling is pretty bad or ugly overall.

Is It Good?

I certainly think so. It’s all setup, but it’s good and engaging setup with how the world has changed and showed how big and dangerous these villains are. The artwork is questionable, but it sort of fits with the tone of this whole series in a way. Forever Evil seems promising; hopefully it can deliver throughout the upcoming months.


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