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Is It Good? Spawn #235 Review

The new Spawn continues to try and figure out what is going on in the world of lens flare limbo. Does this issue genuinely develop the breadth of the ever-expanding Spawn spiritual plane, or does it just wander around with a bunch of fancy visual effects? Rather, is it good?

Spawn #235 (Image Comics)

Last time in Spawn, the reader was shown around a brightly lit realm called “Limbo”. Apparently the new Spawn, Jim Downing, was put in a foggy, brightly lit place with Twitch’s dead, formerly vampiric son, Max. In this comic, Max explains why the old Spawn, Al “I killed God” Simmons, sent the new Spawn to this place. I won’t give it away, but any longtime reader of Spawn knows that things will frequently jump from modern times to Biblical/Genesis times frequently.  Todd McFarlane adds a good bit of lore in this episode, however it is mostly talking and posing. The new lore is pretty familiar, but a good divergence from the standard heaven/hell demon/angel setup that has become a mainstay in the series.

Max also takes some time to explain the intentions of the Spawn suit, Leetha of the 7th house of K (K7-Leetha), who is officially the most powerful weapon in the universe based on feats alone. For those who aren’t in the know Al Simmons was essentially a battery for Leetha. She can do anything as long as she has enough necroplasm and a proper command, including “kill the entirety of the human race.” By entirety I mean every human that has ever lived, died and gone to heaven or hell. The suit is still sentient, but is very passive in its pursuits. It seems to stay happy as long as something is being killed and eaten.

However, in the past couple of comics, Spawn hasn’t killed much of anything. In fact, he has started a successful charitable organization, as well as curing and reviving several people in the recent past. Personally I’m kind of on Leetha’s side; the new Spawn is trying to be a good person as opposed to weeping in a back alley over an ex-lover. It is a nice change in character and pace, but it’s just a little bit boring. I’ve been a long time Spawn fan because he was a hardcore, violent anti-hero that was many times meaner than his enemies. His battle against the urge to become a literal superbeast was where the best tension came from.


  • Interesting Addition to Lore
  • nice cover art
  • Low Action
  • Too Talky For My Tastes

This new guy has started with a completely clean slate with little more than a name connected to his life before he got the suit. For now he comes off a bit white washy, too clean, and too neat. The new angle does make the character more relatable and likeable, but he is just bland so far. I would like to see some butts kicked in the next couple comics.

Is It Good?

It’s an okay read, the story is good, and a nice origin for a new baddie. It is short on action and a bit talky for my tastes.


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