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Is It Good? Detective Comics #23.2 Review

Harley Quinn has been getting lots of attention recently, hasn’t she? That’s a discussion for another time, though. With Harley getting a new series soon and with the fact that this issue will play apart in Kindt’s new Suicide Squad run, it’s only natural to see what this comic can bring. Is it good?

Detective Comics #23.2 (DC Comics)

Harley Quinn is lost. Well, lost in terms of what to do with her life: The Suicide Squad has been disbanded due to the Secret Society, Joker’s still missing, and the villains have taken over. Yet, she remains unfulfilled and decides to have a flashback, reflecting on her life and everything that has brought her to this point in time.

Detective Comics 23.2 01
Including all the good times, like smashing this guy with a mallet.

When the New 52 hit, Harley got a new origin in the pages of Suicide Squad and now we get it retold here. I’m not sure if this look at her origin is following everything exactly like it happened there (I’ve heard that it’s not quite the same), but I enjoyed this issue nonetheless. It’s an interesting look from Harley’s perspective at what ultimately led her to becoming… well Harley Quinn and why she behaves the way she does.

Like with Deadshot issue, there’s a sense of tragedy and sadness to this one (though in this case, it doesn’t happen in Harley’s childhood). She’s a very lost individual, even if she’s trying to convince herself that she isn’t and how she states that she starting to become numb to everything, even after she blows up a police station. She’s not very sympathetic as the story goes on, especially with what she ultimately does in the end, but the issue does do a good enough job to giving us an understanding of the new Harley and interest us a bit more.

Detective Comics 23.2 02
And Harley totally wants you three to knock it off with the valley girl behavior.

The rest of the writing is pretty solid overall with decent dialogue/narration throughout, good pacing, and all that fun stuff. The ending is pretty solid and features a very good quote from Deadshot, while also setting up for Kindt’s Suicide Squad run and establishing the reason for why she might return to the team. It’s well done overall.

The art this time around is by Neil Googe. He has a very cartoonish and silly looking style with how he draws his people and the action and it honestly fits the tone and character of Harley Quinn. Well, she’s technically more serious nowadays, but a goofier looking art style would fit her best (certainly works well with Chris Burnham’s cover) and it really works here. The only artistic problem with the whole book is the fact that the colorist can’t make up his mind about what color the black circles are around his Harley’s eyes. Are they black or blue?

Detective Comics 23.2 03
Then she stole my ugly looking short shorts! The nerve of her!


  • A very enjoyable one-shot for Harley.
  • The artwork fits perfectly.
  • Harley’s new origin and background may be divisive.
  • A bit confusing in one scene.

Is It Good?

This Harley Quinn one-shot is pretty good overall. It’s an interesting take on the character from her own perspective with an underlying sense of tragedy (but not the kind that’ll make you feel too sad for her) and also some great artwork that fits the character. Not the best Batman villain one-shot to come out this week, but certainly a very enjoyable one worth a look.


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