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Is It Good? Mighty Avengers #1 Review

While Infinity is going on and Hickman’s works continue to suck other poor Marvel titles into its gravitational pull, there is one new title that is forming out of this event. It’s called Mighty Avengers (Because we need more Avengers titles, right?), and it’s written by someone I never heard of (Alasdair David Ewing) and drawn by Greg Land, an artist that is the butt of many jokes and many of them are not undeserved. Is it good?

Mighty Avengers #1 (Marvel Comics)

Taking place right after the Avengers blast off into space, Thanos’ forces head towards Earth to begin their conquest, with Proxima Midnight leading the charge in taking down New York.

Remember girls, it doesn’t matter when or where you came from, it’s always the right time to wear lipstick.

With the Avengers out of sight, who will stand against Midnight? Why, the leftovers of course! Luke Cage (who is taking jobs fighting crime to earn money for his family), Superior Spider-Man (who I’m surprised isn’t heading to space), and the newly rebranded Spectrum. There is also White Tiger and Power Man, but they’re…somewhere.

I quit the Avengers to have more time to buy baby wipes! Why don’t you understand?

Now this is what I want! An Avengers title that has a plot, but also has characters and characterization to it! Unlike the main title, everyone here feels different and has backstory and depth to them. You understand their issues and opinions with actual good dialogue and interactions, instead of the dry, pretentious, and dull as hell dialogue. It’s just so damn refreshing!

But with the story itself, it’s mostly just setup. The team really hasn’t gotten together (from my understanding, some heroes haven’t even shown up at all) and the people who start working with each other don’t do until the very end. Also, this book is very much stuck in crossover territory and while there might be a reason now for all of them to join up with Thanos invading, what about after the event? Will these characters stick together? The answer isn’t clear and only time will tell.

The art, like I mentioned earlier, is by Greg Land and there’s a lot of jokes to be made there. However, his work here isn’t half bad. Characters look decent enough, the world has plenty of detail to it, good motion and movement with the action, etc. The inking and coloring is also good (though strangely, the outlines of the characters have very thick and noticeable inking lines). The only real problem with this artwork is that the facial expressions look occasionally weird, like the characters aren’t expressing the right emotion for the scene they’re in.

Luke! What are you doing with your face?


  • Great characters and strong dialogue.
  • There’s a lot of potential to be found.
  • Artwork is surprisingly decent.
  • Greg Land’s artwork will still deter people away.
  • Most of the team hasn’t gotten together.
  • So where will this comic go after Infinity?

Is It Good?

It is. Mighty Avengers is showing a lot of promise with its first issue, having very well written characters and decent setup. While the question remains of where this title will go after Infinity ends, this a title that is definitely worth a look, especially if you want a really good Avengers title right now.


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