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Is It Good? Resident Alien: Suicide Blonde #1 Review

When I read the #0 issue to this series I was skeptical about the direction in which it was headed. It seemed to be a pretty tame story with a small scale. I do love me a good mystery so I decided that I would try this issue in hopes that the story would start to take off a little more. I was definitely surprised with the direction this issue took, but is it good?

Resident Alien: Suicide Blonde #1

The beginning of the comic sets the tone for the rest of the story. The “suicide blonde” for which this comic was titled makes an appearance on the very first page. While there’s no such thing as a boring crime scene investigation, the ones Harry stages is particularly interesting. He, with the help of Police Chief Mike, comes to the conclusion that this was not a suicide but a murder.

One of their leads tips them towards the mayor. Apparently the mayor had a relationship with this girl up until about four months ago. Although she was pregnant when she died, the mayor denies fathership of the child. The questioning of the mayor is written very well with great storytelling, a solid flashback panel and smooth dialogue.

I really think that Peter Hogan nailed all of the characters this issue. Harry is a likeable guy but he definitely isn’t yet comfortable in his own skin. His awkwardness shows through, yet he still remains kind of charming. Asta, the young woman at the hospital, is also written very well. Although not gushing over Harry it’s clear she likes him and wants to maximize her time with him.

There is one flashback scene this issue in which some of the people who were on the hunt for Harry three years ago were discussing how Harry was getting and copying money. This scene is well written and I definitely enjoyed it but I’m not sure how it was at all relevant to the story.


  • Very compelling mystery
  • Great writing both dialogue and narration
  • Not my favorite art

I’m not so crazy about the artwork in this issue but I think as an overall piece of art this comic book works very well. The art does compliment the writing by not being as dark and gritty as much comic art is today.

Is It Good?

Yes. It is a compelling murder mystery with some great writing.


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