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Is It Good? Suckers #1 Review

Last month Suckers #0 was available free on Comixology. Oh, you didn’t read it? What are you, some kind of moron?! I even gave the thing a 9 out of 10! Welp, #1 is here, so if you missed #0 it’s your loss. Actually, it’s no biggie really, because the gist of the story is introduced and all is well in the world with just reading #1 so you can all calm down. Then again, maybe I should get to the review. Is it good?

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Suckers #1 (Zenescope Entertainment)

Check out our review of Suckers #0 here.

The premise is a bit of a buddy comedy, only with two very different vampires. One is a gangster bro-dude-guy and the other a classic Nosferatu vampire who love to play blood pong and watch horror movies. They must really love blood pong, because this issue opens with them playing it once again. They get a great idea that takes them out of their blood pong basement: make a vampire movie to rival the Twilight type film that ruins their species.

Sweet blur effect there.

This issue continues the humorous levels about where the last left off, complete with the very crude, the silly and the innocent. Writer Pat Shand makes these characters lovable and interesting, which probably is partly due to the great and cartoony art by Ian McGinty, which keeps things humorous rather than straight up sick. I won’t ruin it here, but there’s a development later in the issue that involves a touchy subject that might upset some folks. Personally I like crude or dark humor and it’s especially appreciated when you consider how few comics will “go there.”

This issue also introduces a new villain for our vampires, a vampire hunter named Bart. He has the look of a gangbanger, and I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a vampire hunter of this type before. Since this is a comedic book he comes complete with a silly and tiny sidekick. They only get a brief intro here, but it helps add a bit of much needed complexity to the series. That’s not to say it’s bad, but if it were only two vampires bumbling around playing blood pong I’d imagine it’d leave readers a bit flat.

Hell yeah!

McGinty really outdoes himself here. The fact that color might actually hurt his art goes a long way at saying how interesting, fun and exciting it can be. Panels always have little touches of fun things, like the mouse in the above panel, or how he balances out the whites and darks to make things pop. DC Comics recently released Batman Black & White #1 to show off the pencils and inks of the artists and Suckers reminds me of that. Hell, maybe McGinty should get in on that series, because he’s certainly shown he’s got the chops to manage it these last two issues.

Gnarly spine pull!


  • Looks great and it’s black and white!
  • Funny if you love dark humor
  • Man does it read fast
  • The dark humor will def put some off

Another strong showing from this series complete with a bit of development in the plot department. The characters remain fun and interesting, the humor dark as ever and the art should knock your socks off. In some sense the blood pong is a defining tenet of this series and possibly its audience. If you love movies like Van Wilder you’d probably love this series, but if you find humor like that childish and pointless you’d probably hate it.

Is It Good?

Yes. Funny books are few and far between, and they don’t usually look this good.

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