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Is It Good? Infinity #3 Review

Infinity started off solid, but dropped a bit in the last issue. However, comic book events can drop in quality during the middle admittedly, so perhaps things will turn around. Hey, maybe it’ll do that this issue. Is it good?

Infinity #3 (Marvel Comics)

All seems hopeless on the space side of things, with Captain America coming up with one last plan to take out the Builders before they kill them all and… honestly I have no idea. Back on Earth, Black Bolt has come up with a plan to deal with Thanos when he shows up to collect his tribute.

Dear god, is this comic dull as hell. I can’t honestly comprehend how a comic like this, featuring tons of space battles and war with an alien force that is wiping out almost everyone in the universe (for one reason or another) is this frickn’ dry. The characters are so dull and uninteresting with bare bones characterization that you could easily and interchangeably switch out the Avengers and aliens of the Marvel universe and place in the Justice League and DC aliens counterparts with no discernible difference. The villains, while still a good legitimate threat and show why they are force to be reckoned with, are still uninteresting and boring. I still don’t understand what their ultimate goal is (or maybe their reason hasn’t been said yet) or what makes them so special.

That’s nice, because you guys certainly aren’t very good compelling villains.

On the Earth side of the story with Thanos and the Inhumans, I’m just kind of shrugging at it. I don’t know anything about the Inhumans to be honest, outside of Medusa who has appeared over in FF. Maybe if I did, all the scenes would be more emotional and stronger. However, since I don’t know them, I just don’t feel bad for what ultimately happens to them and their home. For readers who are very familiar with the characters, this will probably mean something, but like with what I said in the first issue, new readers aren’t going to feel much toward this.

As for the rest of the comic, it features Hickman’s usual trappings with Infinity. Dry dialogue, characters made of cardboard, the surprisingly decent pacing and amount of content happening, and decent cliffhangers. It’s just more of the same really, with really no sense of improvement to be seen. This issue is a big letdown coming off of Mighty Avengers, which was far superior to the comic it is tying into with much more interesting characters, villains, and good dialogue.

Wait! I have a question! Who the hell is Maximus?

The artwork, on the flip side, is beautiful. The characters all look different and distinct, the color and use of tones makes for some impressive visuals, and the space battles are really nice to look at. It makes the experience reading this comic all the more tolerable, but the art alone doesn’t make it worth the price of admission. The only problem with the artwork is the cover, which shows a goofy looking Black Bolt yelling at the title of the comic.

The carnage! The killing! It’s gorgeous!


  • Lots and lots of things are happening.
  • The heroes actually scored some wins.
  • The villains are still gigantic threats.
  • The artwork is wonderful.
  • The characters and dialogue are so lifeless.
  • Still only for real hardcore Marvel fan.
  • The villains the Avengers are fighting are just not that compelling.

Is It Good?

Not especially. It has the possibility to get better and come together well, since plenty of things are happening and the villains do serve as legitimate threats despite one force being completely uninteresting. However, the characters are just non-entities and the dialogue is dry, which really makes the issue dull, even with the great art.


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