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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #18 Review

It’s no secret that Spider-Man 2099 was part of the Marvel NOW! plan all along, and last issue we learned how he joined the 616. I wasn’t a big fan of how he was shoehorned into the series, but maybe his appearance in the second issue will smooth things out. Is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #18 (Marvel Comics)

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Last issue was the first true dud I’ve experienced in this series. I’m sure many folks disagree, but the pacing and limitation of a 20 page comic was evident as a ton of information was crammed into it without a chance to let the story breathe. Spider-Man 2099 was tasked with going back to 2013 to save his father from being erased and it all has to do with Superior Spider-Man mucking things up. Of course the issue ended with them coming to blows, which is where we start issue #18.

Nice detail in the facial structures, and cosplay joke for the win.

Dan Slott writes what is, in all honesty, a complex storyline for complexity’s sake. By tying the Spider-Man 2099 storyline into the current one he’s made a massive web to keep track of. That’s the problem with most time travel stories, especially ones that tie two characters together. It seems Slott is spending a lot of time keeping us up to date as to the ramifications of what’s going on in both timelines. It’s a bit exhausting to keep track of, partly because the previous issues have been such a breeze. He does have the heroes come to blows, as usual, but it works nicely here since 2099 insults Superior Spider-Man’s ego.

Hmm…is Slott saying 2099 got his claws from the Superior makeover?

Another problem I had with this issue was assessing what exactly the danger was. There are these floating yellow lights flickering, presumably it’s space time being destroyed, but nobody in the comic really knows what it is which creates more confusion. I’m not sure how dangerous things are, and when SpOck messes up again on the final page I’m not so sure it was that big of a deal. What has become usual for Spider-Man is on display again, neglecting his work duties, Mary Jane, being a general dick to everyone. It’s surprising to say, but I’m starting to get bored of the same old behaviors. Things need to develop, change or just stop because all his rudeness is repeating too often to be interesting.

Nobody puts baby in the corner.

The art by Ryan Stegman is a pleasure throughout, however. Even when there are incredibly dialogue-heavy scenes, things look crisp and interesting. The shot below in particular is just awesome, with a great perspective of the street below. I haven’t been a fan of his when he goes darker, but everything is outside and brightened up nicely here.

Jaw-dropping good art!


  • Stegman blows me away throughout the issue
  • I do love me some Spider-Man 2099
  • The time travel story is so convoluted it’s a bore

Is It Good?

Once we get past this convoluted time hoping nonsense I’m sure the story will pull back to being a great consistent read. I just can’t get over how the plot seems to have stopped and it doesn’t help that I’m growing tired of SpOck’s rude and arrogant behavior. Something needs to change fast!


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