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Is It Good? Thunderbolts #15 Review

I mentioned before that Infinity was like a blackhole with how it sucked tons of comics into its inescapable grasp. Here’s one of the comics that is being affected by it, Thunderbolts. Can it make something out of this predicament? Is it good?

Thunderbolts #15 (Marvel Comics)

Thunderbolts #15 Cover

The Thunderbolts are on a mission to wipe out a mob family in New York, having let the Punisher pick out their new fun activity to do. However, finding the family isn’t an easy task, since most criminals won’t talk about them. Plus, Deadpool heads off on his own to do his own thing until they need them. If things weren’t already pain in their butts to begin with, something big is headed for New York.

Thunderbolts 15 01
Too bad Cylinder Head forgot to wear his glasses today.

This issue doesn’t overtly show off its tie-in status to Infinity until the very end. For the most part, it is just Punisher, Elektra, and Venom (Flash Thompson) driving around looking for leads while Deadpool heads off to a pizzeria to kill some time until they get their lead.

Only when the aliens show up does any part of Infinity come into play, but that’s alright. The comic appears to be using Infinity as a way to enhance what could be just an average story into something a bit more exciting and all-encompassing. At least, that’s what I’m guessing since there are two more issues after this that will tie into the event.

As it is right now, the story is amusing thanks to the characters playing off of each other and trouble they go through of trying to get their information. It’s fun to read, but I’m not sure if the portrayal of Punisher and Elektra here is all that accurate (I really haven’t read much of them in the past). Deadpool is certainly amusing and I do like the scene with him on the subway with the little girl. It goes by quickly, but I’m left interested in seeing where this goes.

Thunderbolts 15 02 elektra_van
Seems perfectly legit if you ask me.

The artwork here is… really bad. Everyone’s so angular that in a lot of scenes, they don’t look particularly human with their physiques, the world they are in is so undetailed that it looks like Gotham City in Beware the Batman, facial expressions are often goofy looking, the layouting is so generic and has tons of white space unused, and there’s really nothing here visually appealing at all. I don’t think it’s a style that fits this book at all.

Thunderbolts 15 punisher
The Punisher needs to work on his noodle arms more.


  • The characters are fun to watch.
  • The dialogue is enjoyable.
  • Both stories coming together could be worth reading.
  • The artwork isn’t my bag.

Is It Good?

It is. It doesn’t really start tying into the event until the end and there isn’t much here to chew on story wise, but it’ll be interesting to see how the Thunderbolts try to deal with this mob family and the alien invasion at the same time. Plus, the characters are enjoyable enough to keep me interested in seeing more of them as time goes on. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.


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