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Is It Good? Uncanny X-Men #12 Review

Unlike the big event going on at Marvel right now, “Infinity,” this Marvel crossover is not a big mess of confusion and space fights. “Battle of the Atom” is more like a chess game. With many pieces and key players making moves and decisions, there’s really no predicting what happens next. Last issue ended with a bombshell; this issue explains what happens when the X-Men on the hunt for the two runaways run into that bombshell. Is it good?

Uncanny X-Men #12 (Marvel Comics)

I love this generation’s Uncanny X-Men. They are a charismatic and thoughtful, yet ignorant bunch of new mutants. That contrasts really well with the harsh, weathered, tough personalities of the other Uncanny team of Cyclops, Emma and Magneto. Brian Michael Bendis is really the cream of the crop when it comes to authors and his dialogue is some of the best in the industry. My only problem is that sometimes he tends to carry on a bit too long with the witty dialogue and that retracts from the rest of the plot. That is thankfully not the case in this book. Although he does have a healthy amount of “OMG! What the hell is going on?” it does not dominate the issue.

I loved the first scene of the book which officially got S.H.I.E.L.D involved in this whole mess (because really, what mess aren’t they involved in?) Maria Hill is written so very nicely and Chris Bachalo’s artwork does wonders on her facial expressions.

When we get to see the X-Men, we learn the reactions the Uncanny had to the runaways. Young Jean and Scott beg for the protection and help of the Uncanny. Older Scott is actually for them staying, something I did not see coming at all. I love the way that both Magneto and Emma disagree and argue with him. These are some of the biggest players in the X-Men and they are in total disagreement over a potentially catastrophic issue. Fun times.

One of the reasons I like the X-Men so goddamn much is psychics. The X-Men have all of the most powerful psychics in the Marvel Universe and don’t use their powers sparingly. There is all sorts of psychic communication, imagery and at the very end, a psychic battle. So this issue is definitely a score in that area.


  • Great, colorful art
  • Nicely executed story and script
  • So much psychic activity!
  • Not a ton of story progression

The art is just brilliant. Although some may be against cartoony art, I love it. Chris Bachalo has great expressions and draws some kick-ass figures. I had the pleasure to meet Tim Townsend just a few weeks ago at Boston Comic-Con. Tim is not only a really nice guy but he is one of the most talented inkers in the industry. Although he is not the only one on the book all of the inks and the colors are delicious and are very consistent.

Is It Good?

Yes. Although it isn’t the most important chapter in the saga, it gives us a nice sense of how the Uncanny X-Men will be part of this conflict and most of all is a solid, entertaining read.


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