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Is It Good? Vampirella #34 Review

Vampirella is basically a sexy superhero who just so happens to be a vampire. Of course, her ties to monsters has been touched upon, but usually it’s her that’s kicking their asses. Not so here, and in fact she’s trying to band these freaks together. Did somebody say monster army? Who’s not in? I thought so…is it good?

Vampirella #34 (Dynamite Entertainment)

This is part one of a two part story that has Vampirella asking the monsters to band together, another powerful female vampire building an army of the Knights Templar (it’s a long story…that you can read about here!) and things coming to a head very nicely. That’s about the gist of what makes this comic run.

Maybe Vampirella is really fat and we all just see her skinny! Mind blown…

The fun of this story, written by Brandon Jerwa, is both sides slowly building up their power. We also get a pretty interesting and unique backstory for the villain of this tale. In some sense I got a vibe similar to what Zenescope Entertainment is pulling off with their monsters, but things are much more contained and a bit more lived in. The fact that the bad guy was the only female to join the Knights Templar is a neat twist and a cool idea. To base a female villain with this back story is pretty fascinating on a few different levels. It should also be noted she’s not shown in a false or simplistic way, but rather a strong female character. That’s commendable when you think about all the vapid female characters in comics today. It only strengthens my belief this isn’t all just to show Vampirella off in her skimpy costume, but to write a well rounded story with real meaning.

Good day. I said good day!

I also enjoy the idea that Vampirella might band all these dispicable monsters for the good of the world. She gives a speech here about how they’re just like humans, only different, which of course is idea we’ve seen countless times (X-Men, True Blood, etc.) but still seems fresh for the story given here. Considering the bad guy is part of a religious order…that might be another element Jerway is connecting to the real world.

The art by Heubert Khan Michael is strong throughout, particularly his flashbacks and monsters. He also depicts Vampirella as strong and infrequently shows her as an object. There are a few panels where her G-string looks outrageous, but those are smaller panels that don’t have much significance anyway.

About her booty, right> You mean she’s going to gloat about that apple, right?


  • Monsters look great
  • The bad guy has an interesting story and isn’t evil for evil’s sake
  • Characters in the opening pages seemed unnecessary to the story

Is It Good?

I enjoyed this book a lot more than I anticipated, partly because I haven’t read a Vampirella book in over a year. There are some interesting concepts at work, and the only negative I could see is that, even though this is part one, I wasn’t confused who the characters were to open the book. Obviously if I read the previous issues this wouldn’t be a problem, but at this junction I have no idea why they were even in the story. I also felt the ending rushed a bit too quickly to get to the cliffhanger, but overall a well rounded and fun read.


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